• Can you still smoke after getting a tongue piercing?

    Pretty self-explanitory, really. I know you can’t smoke after getting a tooth pulled. But can you still smoke after getting a tongue piercing?
    Okay, so you can smoke, but you have to keep it clean. That’s good. But lots of people mention waiting until it has healed – how long does that take?

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    7 thoughts on “Can you still smoke after getting a tongue piercing?

    • Erik says:

      Yes , You just need to clean it afterwards.

    • A HOBO STOLE MY BOX says:

      yes. . . as long as you keep it very clean. . . and i would not do it very ofter bc the tar can get in your piercing and it will get infected. . .

    • Satan's Angel says:

      They tell you not to smoke or exchange fluids with anyone, so no sharing drinks, kissing or anything until the piercing is healed. No alcohol, no mouthwash. they will go through the aftercare with you when you get pierced. Smoking slows the healing because it slows the immune system and blood circulation. If you decide to smoke after you get pierced, the healing process will just take longer.

    • miaow. says:

      You can, but it’s not recommended in the first few days and you have to use mouthwash after doing it the first few days.

    • Jaspre says:

      I had this same question the day I got my second tongue ring, called a scoop. I smoked just a few hours after getting it done. Just, please, keep it clean! No one can stress that enough lol I’ve had both my rings for two years now.

    • Brittaaa says:

      it’s advised that you don’t, but you can. just make sure you rinse with water or alcohol free mouthwash when you are done. many piercers say that it can really irritate it and possibly even tear it a little, but this can also happen by eating. I got mine done on monday and i smoke. i just rinse after i am done and it has been fine. it stung a little at first. and tongue piercings usually take 2-3 months to fully heal, but you can change your barbell 10 days after you get it done. i recommend going back to your piercer to do this to reduce any risk of tearing it.

    • Stephanie says:

      I smoked after getting mine pierced and it didn’t get infected. Made sure I kept it really clean though, the guy who pierced it said to rinse out my mouth with a salt water mix after I smoked and it worked fine.

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