• Are septum piercings easy to hide?

    I’m getting a septum piercing soon and my dad doesn’t know that i’m getting it and i don’t think i’m allowed it at school so can they be hidden easily?
    I heard you can wear a barbell or something and that can be hidden but won’t the piercing set crooked help?

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    7 thoughts on “Are septum piercings easy to hide?

    • dinorawrr50 says:

      My motto is basically ”Bollocks To The World” but This doesnt really work for everyone.

      No,It wont go crooked but probably will do If you do that for too long.
      I had one done but It got rejected :(

      Good luck and just go ahead,get It done,take a picture and this is the best bit. . . send It to your dad :p
      Lol,Im joking.

    • j .jealousy says:

      The chances of it healing crooked are slim, but it’s possible. . and finding a barbell with a length that’ll fit in your nose won’t be easy.

      I suggest having it pierced with a retainer, preferrably titanium.
      Retainers look sort of like oversized staples, and don’t have any beads on the end, making it easy to flip up, tuck into your nose and hide.

    • xwarheartx says:

      Oh my god stop posting questions about septum piercings!
      Get it done or dont, either way it’s going to have pros and cons!

    • ♫Master Of Puppets says:

      yeah you can definatley hide it. Here’s the type of ring that you need to hide it http://www. bodycircle. com/merchant. ihtml?pid=88&lastcatid=4&step=4

      Here’s a video too of how to hide it, see, she just tucks it in. Easy.
      http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=QNNkVhVQHTY

    • pretty bugs says:

      There are retainers for septum piercings which will easily flip up inside the nose and as a result be hidden. I’ve never heard of a piercing “setting crooked. ” You can also ask the piercer to widen the gap between the metal balls of the horseshoe ring so that it will flip up into the nose like the retainer. That way you won’t have to go through the trouble of changing jewelry every day and can easily flip it downwards when you leave the house.

    • Beckcible says:

      I saw your question yesterday about you already having a few piercings but not being allowed a septum piercing (boohoo) and how could you convince your parents blah blah but now I see you you proved you immaturity by going against you parents wishes, even though they been good enough to let you do what you want so far.

      I hope you do get a crooked piercing to be honest, because theres nothin worse than a spoilt brat kid being all ‘rebellious’ by going behind their parents back. Once day you’ll look back on this and cringe.

    • read this says:

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