• Why does face cream affect my eyes?

    Every time I put cream on my face. . . no matter which brand, my eyes water all day and I cannot see and I feel sleepy. Why should it affect me like this because I need cream in the winter to stop my skin drying up.

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    12 thoughts on “Why does face cream affect my eyes?

    • KC T says:

      It’s to oily

    • K B says:

      Its because its full of chemicals. Try something from Clinique – they are expensive but very good on hypo-allergenic products. Go to the Clinique counter in a department store and ask for a recommendation and a trial of something.

    • kare34235 says:

      same w/ me. . . but sometimes it’s the make-up. . . . I’ve switched to minerals

    • aquariusvchs says:

      It might have chemicals you are slightly allergice to or it’s too oily. Or you may even be putting it too close to your eyes, they’re extremely sensitive as is the skin around them, so try avoiding putting it too close and see if that helps.

    • dahlia says:

      you can’t put it near your eyes; only eye cream is for your eyes.

      It should say that on the bottle.

    • fifilapoo114 says:

      avoid the delicate eye area.

    • pinkstarblooming says:

      I have the same problem, even hypo-allergenic eye creams do the same. I just use Palmer’s cocoa butter constantly, it’s the only thing I’ve found that doesn’t irritate my eyes at all, good luck in finding something that’ll work for you.

    • VeeBee says:

      allergic reaction. . . . dermatologist would be nice here.

    • Sxyblonde S says:

      the chemicals in the ones u are using can affect your eye area even if it isnt as close to the eyes never put it too close anyway. and vapors can make your eyes running .

    • cutie_pie says:

      I too agree that the product is probably full of chemicals that are harmful to your eyes and skin also. Using hypo allergenic products probably won’t be good enough for your problem – you should look for products made without fragrance, colouring, SLS, parabens etc.

      This website should help www. mypure. co. uk

    • mizzlipglawss says:

      Because face cream is made for the FACE, it should say “avoid contact with eyes. “

    • neminly says:

      You are likely having an allergic reaction to the chemicals in the creams.

      Try this instead. . . just for a week. . .

      Just a bit of light vegetable oil on your skin after a shower. Seals in moisture, adds plant nutrients to your skin which help feed it and keep it healthy.

      Feed your skin with vegetables, don’t poison it with petro-chemicals.

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