• When Does Your Face Start To Look Older And More Mature?

    Im 13 and all the boys make fun of my looks saying im ugly and stuff when all my friends are really pretty and have boyfriends and stuff, boys never seem to be intrested in me or think im pretty. My friends say Im pretty and I just wondered when my face would start to grow and become more mature?

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    5 thoughts on “When Does Your Face Start To Look Older And More Mature?

    • Ms. Caramelâ„¢ says:

      im 14 and i got a lil prettier. . just wait
      im sure you pretty. and boys that age are immature and explaining when a girl is hot they tell them they are ugly

    • Brian says:

      Well don’t worry about getting a boyfriend at age 13, seriously. Guys from age 13 to 17 are the most immature people on the face of the earth. Your face will probably start maturing around 14 to 16. . most guys mature a little later, from 16 to 17, but you’re not too far away.

      FYI: Most of the girls who were considered ‘ugly’ or ‘not the most attractive’ by lots of people in my high school are stunningly good looking now, and the people who were thought of as ‘hot’ have . . . let’s just say, changed.

    • Harriet says:

      First thing every morning.
      You are not ugly and stuff. Stuff those boys- what do they know/ And anyway, take a look at their faces and stuff. Tell them to take a look at their own phizzogs before they make remarks about others and stuff. One day soon a boy will like you just because of your looks and your personality. That will show them.

    • bienchie says:

      oh im 14 years old im a boy me too my face have lot of baby fats so i workout running pumpings and i have a girlfriend now and get rebonded your hair

      oh sorry for my english im a pilipino

    • fuck you says:

      iiyutin kita

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