• What is the best kind of face wash for pimples and blackheads minors?

    I want a face wash that really gets rid of pimples. i dont have achne. I get pimples and blackheads on and around my nose. I want a face wash to get rid of both, but it does not work as a face wash can be a cushion or something. I do have sensitive skin.

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    • victim_of_mind says:

      I think the natural order is always the best. I use washing tea tree oil face and it really cleared up my complexion and button problem areas and have left my skin nice and soft:). I then use distilled witch hazel (you can get from Boots or Superdrug) and apply with a cosmetic pad to clean and tone my skin. Drink plenty of water too and I’m sure you’ll see results:) Ive tried these products and Clearsil as Biore and they did not make much difference SUSTAINABLE it cleared my site and then I just got more. Then someone said, ‘Hey, do not you think these companies want that to happen? I mean. . if it really delete all ur spots all the time for good. . they’d go bankrupt. I was like. . damn, you have a point. .

    • ILikeToDanceInTheRain says:

      ProActive is the best thing out there in my opinion.

    • Desert Rat 729 says:

      Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Try (with the blue label) or the store brand version. It is a very mild cleanser that dermatologists and many sites recommend skin care. Start using it daily and your faults should improve.

    • evelinka420 says:

      Cetaphil normal to oily skin. very gentle, non-irritating and does not dry out your skin. Follow with Paula’s Choice BHA 2%

    • Jen says:

      All skins are different and what works best for one person may not work for another. I’m not sure I understand what you mean you do not have “acne” but you have “buttons” – I always thought those two words were interchangeable! Do you have oily skin ? My skin is very oily, and get lots of small buttons, but rarely great. My dermatologist said that I had clogged pores because of my oily skin, acne, but not true (which requires the presence of some bacteria). His treatments are all designed to keep my skin clean and oil free. He recommended using a bar of Dove soap or Cetaphil Beauty Bar with Buf Puf sponge to wash my face – that would both cleanse and exfoliate my face, removing dead skin, oil and dirt that can clog the pores of my skin. If the Buf Puf is too harsh for your sensitive skin, try a sponge or soft washcloth. (But make sure the sponge dry thoroughly between each use to prevent bacterial infections that may resemble acne!) Personally, I found that it makes no difference what face wash that I uses, but there are other products that clear up my acne. I found that the treatment Neutrogenia acne on the spot (or other treatments. 2 5% benzoyl peroxide, the minimum effective dose) are excellent on the Elimination my buttons without drying my skin concentrations stronger! (Many brands have 10% of BP, which can be very drying, even for non-sensitive skin) He also noted that there are many things you must do to keep your skin clear of acne and more just using medicine and wash your face. Always use makeup labeled ‘non-comedogenic “or” nonacnegenic “(products labeled” oil free “do not have oil, but perhaps other ingredients that can clog pores). Mineral makeup is a popular trend right now, and it contains natural ingredients and is ideal for all skin types, especially acne-prone or sensitive skin! (Beware of brands like Bare Essentials, which contain bismuth oxychloride, which many people are allergic.) Also, sometimes the facial or cosmetic products can trigger an allergic reaction that resembles acne – something just to think! My dermatologist also said that all shampoos and shampoos contain several ingredients that can clog pores, so try very hard not to put on your face when you rinse your hair and use conditioner the length of your hair, not the roots. Similarly, shield your face when you use hairspray and other products capillaires.Et if no study has shown that eating fatty foods causes acne, if you eat fatty foods, then touch your face, you can transfer the fat from your face which can clog pores! So wash your hands after eating food gras.Une last thing you can do is use a clean washcloth every time you wash your face and change your pillowcase frequently, as the oils for the face based on two of these things!

    • JackieSchneider says:

      The best thing to do is use a gentle face wash twice a day every day. Cetaphil sensitive skin cleanser works really well, and will not irritate sensitive skin. Look for a moisturizer with salicylic acid as active ingredient. This will keep your pores clear and give your skin the moisture it needs. To erase blackheads around your nose, you can make a simple mask that will help dissolve and soften blackheads. To the mixture of aloe vera gel mask with pure baking soda to form a paste. (You can get these things very cheaply at any grocery or pharmacy) Apply the paste wherever there are black spots, and let stand for about 5 minutes. Once you rinse, you can gently squeeze the blackheads. Do not use too much pressure or you can bruise and damage your skin. This may be the drying of the skin that has no clogged pores, so I do not recommend it for the whole face. If there are many spots that will take a couple of treatments to get rid of all you can do once a week until they are gone. If you use a moisturizer with salicylic acid in it, it prevent them from returning. Hope that helps!

    • yogesh says:

      i have too much of pimples on my face i don t no what i want to do

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