• What do women find attractive in a mans face?

    I just wondered what females look for in a males face, eg. jawbone, a particular facial structure, nose size etc. Do women prefer pretty biy people like zac efron who wear skinny jeans, or rugged men like seth rogan? (ok, not seth rogan!)

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    6 thoughts on “What do women find attractive in a mans face?

    • If you say so says:

      Men with a bit of meat on them and nice teeth :-)
      No stick thin insects .

    • Ema says:

      Honestly, Zac Efron disgusts me.
      But I can go for a certain. . . less manly style in guys sometimes.
      Never as womanly as him, though XD
      Skinny jeans are nice on a guy sometimes, as long as he isn’t putting off a feminine vibe – like, a pink shirt on skinny jeans with highlights in his hair and clear coat on his nails.
      That’s a little too much for me.
      Skinny jeans are alright, as long as he still looks like a guy.

      I like kind eyes in a guy’s face :) A strong jaw is always attractive, maybe with a bit of stubble?

      As far as the nose, it doesn’t really matter to me. Neither do the lips – some like full, some like thin – I don’t care.
      I don’t much like curly hair on guys, but I can deal with it.
      And some girls get hard into cheekbone structure. I don’t notice those. XD

      I hate to get picky, but white to semi-white teeth are a must. Dull white is okay – I don’t need bleached teeth. But yellow, anywhere in his mouth besides on a tongue stud, is not going to work for me.

      That’s about it. :) Clean teeth, kind eyes, and a bit of masculinity.

    • UXB says:

      What do women find attractive in a mans face?
      No running sores, no snot running out his nose and good teeth holding on to a couple hundred dollar bills!

    • Tammy says:

      Smile and eyes

    • Skinn says:

      nice smile, dimples, pretty eyes :)

    • Lauren E says:

      nice lips,
      bright blue eyes
      tiny bit of stubble
      and a striking jawbone
      ooooh yeah

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