• What could be the cause of sudden increase of Dark Spots on face and nose?

    Lately, I’ve discovered that the number of dark spots on my face, that is cheeks, cheek bones and around and on top of my nose have increased, only recently, in a matter of days and I haven’t even exposed myself to the sun that much or at all. I wonder what could be the cause of this sudden increase, there seems to be more spots forming up. Is there any reason behind and what is the cure or permanently getting rid of the dark spots, I’m a male actually, with a fair skin.


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    4 thoughts on “What could be the cause of sudden increase of Dark Spots on face and nose?

    • creepy says:


    • julie j says:

      Sounds like you need to do a liver cleanse. The most effective ones cost hardly anything and only involve epsome salt, water ,grapefruit ,olive oil ,and enimas.

      http://zap. intergate. ca/liver. html
      heres a link that explains about liver cleansing.

    • Dancin_diva says:

      Any chance your taking new medication? Let say if you started a new medication sometimes your skin can be more prone to the sun. Sun can quickly cause new formed dark spots even a little sun exposure can make a difference.

    • Anna A says:

      I will suggest you to consult to dermatologist. For your reference I am forwarding you the website link that will give you information about top skin care products. The links are

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