• My face looks so flaky when i put my foundation on, i have such bad skin?

    . . so i have to ware it to school. I dont ware it most weekend and take it of when i get home from school. i use dream matte mouse.
    Any suggestions?

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    29 thoughts on “My face looks so flaky when i put my foundation on, i have such bad skin?

    • Cartoon Muffin says:


    • dorkiii says:

      maybe u need a lighter foundation or maybe ur allergic
      try using tinted moisturizer half moisturizer and half foundation.
      http://shop. avon. ca/avonshop_en/product. asp?src_page=product. asp&department=shop&level1_id=&level2_id=252&pdept_id=253&dept_id=255&pf_id=16889&level=3

    • 5iveAlive says:

      nut nivia moisurisor cream on your face before applying foundation. My skin is dryish but the cream acts like a base. This will def do the trick.

    • serena says:

      get a mineral makeup
      heres the one i use
      expensive but worth it
      bareminerals. com

    • Starlet says:

      You need to exfoliate your skin. Exfoliating takes off the dead layer of skin that causes the flaky look. Exfoliating pads are like $3 at Wal-Mart. You should also try a new foundation. Since your foundation is mousse and matte, it’ll make your skin look flaky once it dries.

    • Ferosh says:

      exfoliate, moisturize, prime, foundation. . in that order

    • Intrepid says:

      maybe matte make up does not suit your skin. you could try applying the following:

      Cleanser, to cleanse your skin. Then apply toner, to tone your skin. Once you have done that, your skin is still a bit dry, so you’d have to apply moisturiser.

      Then and only then do you think of putting on foundation.

      If you do this, you will have no need to worry about looking flaky. if you still look flaky, then it simply means the make up you are using does not suit your skin.

      (Be careful, though that you are not applying too much make up, THAT would make your skin look flaky, no matter what kind of make up you are using. )

    • nik_s says:

      i get this. . .

      but i moisturise every single night and it doesnt make a difference, i always moisturise after a shower aswell. . !

      try just using powder but very lightly across ur face. . u wont get so many spots that way either!!

    • Amber W says:

      Try using a liquid moisturizing foundation. I use a tinted moisturizer from Clinique, but I don’t use it for moisturizing (it’s not enough at all!) but when I apply it I dab it on with my moisturizer, so it spreads better and is not flakey or smudged.

      Truth is I have kinda hairy skin so foundation doesn’t spread so well otherwise.

    • [<3Punk] says:

      Yes here’s a Suggestion get a mositurzier your face is dry that’s the only resoan it look flaking and dry

    • A W says:

      Girls, the solution to makeup problems is NOT to wear mineral makeup. Mineral makeup is not all it is cracked up to be.

      To the one who asked the question, it sounds like you have dry skin. Are you using a moisturizing cleanser? Are you using a moisturizer? For dry skin, try the Oil of Olay products for both the cleanser and your moisturizer. They aren’t just for old ladies. I am 42 and have used them since I was probably 12 or 13 and I am mistaken for someone 10 years younger. They really do work quite well.

      You should also look for a foundation that is specifically for dry skin. Revlon Colorstay has a dry skin formula. You can also look into Almay, Neutrogena, and Physician’s Formula. . . they make ones for dry skin and are hypoallergenic as well.

    • oo_siouxsie_oo says:

      Exfoliate and moisturise (but you’ve probably already tried that). I had this problem too, you assume that using a liquid or creme foundation is best to try and moisturise the dry bits. Eventually I found that using a powder mineral foundation was the solution, it sounds like it would be too dry for already dry skin but actually it works wonders as it just glides over all areas of your skin and blends easily. Liquid and creme foundation has a tendency to instantly absorbs into the dry bits making them more visible.

    • 3mily. says:

      You need a toner, try clinique

    • GirlUK07 says:

      I understand. I’ve got both oily and dry flaky skin.
      The secret is to properly prep your skin.
      Make sure it is cleansed, exfoliated and moisturised.
      Use the right moisteriser for your skin type. (I always thought I had oily skin but my beauty therapist tells me that in actual fact it was dehydrated hence why my skin was producing more oil. )
      Also invest in good foundation. I’ve tried and tested many but absolutely love the Lancome range and their loose powders are so fine.

    • celticfc_ghirl says:

      I think I can help you here 1st cleanse your face with facial cleanser then put on some toner then moisture ( do this morning AND evening) leave it to sink in for 2 mins then apply your foundation you also said you had flaky skin get a scrub and mask use twice a week for a month you should see a difference

    • Mercedes says:

      i had the same problem when i used this. its very bizarre. im guessing its cuz it has that air whipped powdery texture to it. i tried everything from moisturizing primers, or just moisturizer before applying ect and nothing helped. i had to switch foundation.

      if you can get it, or if you’re willing i switched to bare minerals. give it a go! gd lck.

    • ready_salted says:

      dont use foundation . . . yes its harsh. . . but come on if we were meant to wear it we would have been born with it on. . . . . your body dont like it,,just because the boyz do. . . . . . . . . who is more important you or your skin. . . . . . ok there is some exspensive stuff that claims to work with the skin . . for emergencies eg night out on the tiles . . . . . photo shoot ect . . we all dress up now and then . . . . .

    • sophmorechica says:

      I had this problem too
      but instead of going to spend alot of $ on moisturizers just wash the area real good and apply some cortizone cream
      it should go away in just about a day or 2

      trust me it works

    • Forever In Debt says:

      Get a type of foundation that says it’s specifically for your skin type. (Oily, dry, combination, etc. ) Moisturize your skin with a proper face moisturizer ten minutes before you apply any face product. You should use a foundation brush rather than your fingers. If applied with your fingers, it can appear uneven and flaky. A foundation brush helps even up the texture and it will apply smoothly. Try a different brand if all else fails.

    • Rosa says:

      I had this problem as well for a long time until I started using the Neutrogena wave. It deep cleanses and takes off any flakiness (you can actually see it on the pad), so it leaves skin really, really smooth. After washing my face I have to moisturize (personally I use Olay) or my face will get really tight and dry. Usually this is when I apply my foundation (MAC studio fix) and it goes on really well. You can also try using the MAC prep+prime it just makes your face even softer and smoother.
      Hope this helps :) Good luck!

    • Evie♥ says:

      One night before you go to bed, put on a good-quality face mask. My personal favourite it Pure Porefection by Avon. It drags out any blackheads and makes my skin softer and glowing. If you apply it before bed, it means any redness or blemishes have time to fade before school the next morning.

      In the morning, before applying your makeup wash your face with warm water (or your usual facecare routine) and then again with icy cold. This closes the pores, making your skin seems tighter and less blemished. Now apply your foundation. Use concealer on the worst parts of your skin and then foundation. Build up layers of foundation, not just one thick layer of it.

      Do the facemask thing twice a week.
      Good Luck!

    • The princess says:

      i used dream matte mouse for a little while. . . and i felt that my skin was the same as yours i found that it seemed to make me look very ‘powdery’ and showed my dry skin . . . i found that buying an oil free and creamy foundation is the best. . . . as the oil free doesnt plog pores as its water based and the creamy substance is nice and light on the skin
      try maxfactor colour adapt

    • Izziie says:

      mines flaky too!
      but not really bad, but sorta shows when i put on my mineral powder foundation stuff.
      putting moisturiser on helps a bit.

    • relia says:

      What is your skin care regimen?
      It is important to encorporate TWICE DAILY into your day, a basic three step system of skin care.

      You will wash your face (remove makeup first at night), follow with a toner that exfoliates (Clinique’s clarifying lotion is great!), then follow with your moisturizer.
      Over time, the gentle exfoliation will get rid of all the dulling flakes that are keeping your skin from looking radient and glowing. These flakes prevent your skin from absorbing moisturizer and even foundation effectively into your skin, so they just sit on top.

      If you want quicker exfoliation, do a gentle scrub about once a week and that will help as well. If you are dry/dry combination, Clinique’s 7-day scrub is good; if you are oily combination/oily, Clinique’s exfoliating scrub is excellent!

      Good luck!

    • Kelly T says:

      ive got dry skin on my face, best thing you can do is was your face with non-fragranced soap. then get nivia original tho an put that on then use ur foundation it will stop patches comin through trust me i bin doing it for years. . . . good luck x

    • Stephanie B says:

      I use the Simple light moisturiser i used to get dry flaky skin esp when i put foundation on and it looked awful esp if i tried to rub my foundation in the flaking got worse, this moisturiser dries in really well and isn’t too heavy or shiney and wont give you spots its ideal just a little and rub it in well not too hard just nice and gently, use it also a night or when not wearing makeup to keep your skin in good condition plus it only costs about £4
      hope this helps plus if your skin is moist then your make up glides on giving a better finish and you don’t need as much

    • Leigh B says:

      dream matte mouse does tht to everyones face it makes it goes flaky or pastey buy make-up called shea cover its really good its from earth minerals my mum uses it and she looks good when its on lol so try it plus its cheap

    • XXmelitaXX says:

      put something on your face before you put your matte on like nivia moisurisor cream is great but you might want to change your cover-up matte isnt that great ive used it and it seems to me that whatever you do its still going to looke flaky.

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