• My Face looks different on both sides what the????

    This may sound funny but. . . When i take a picture posing in profile postion each side of my face looks completely different . . almost like two different people.
    On one side i have like a british looking nose on the other it’s more rounded.
    One side my face is firm sleek and sexy looking the other slanted saggy shapeless looking.
    I know i have a slanted smile and i’m getting braces to fix it.
    Just is it possible to look completely different just by switching sides of your face in a photo??
    I know i hear people say “take a picture of my best side” or”this is my best side” should it be so different?
    Please don’t be mean, i know it sounds weird but it’s bugging me lol.
    I appreciate any help thankyou all in advance.
    lol thanks natalie i feel a little better lol. . . you sounded like me with the whole 2 mirror thing
    haha british looking nose IMO a thin slanted straight and points up a little.
    I actually like the britsh side so i’m in no way making fun so i hope you didn’t get mad with that, as that is my favorite feature lol.
    to number 9 answerer thanks for the links. . those pics looked kinda freaky. . now i’m okay with the differenc lol thankyou!

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    13 thoughts on “My Face looks different on both sides what the????

    • ben_of_marlow says:

      That’s normal. Nobody has a perfectly symmetrical face.

    • snapdragon747 says:

      It’s true we do have a good side and a bad side!

      Perhaps this where the saying ‘turn the other cheek’ comes from!

    • actionman793 says:

      Well. Having a stroke sometimes makes one side of your face slack. If it looks like you cant control your face mucsles, check with a doctor. But i dout your having a stroke.

    • jessica says:

      i think it will eventually fix.

    • natalie b says:

      OMG. this is so weird. I am in the same exact situation as you. For me, my left side looks a lot better than my right. . so when I’m taking pictures I make sure to show my left side lol.
      When I look in the mirror I dont see anything wrong and my face looks normal. . but when I take two mirrors and look at my reflection like that. . I see a reallyyy big difference. And same with my nose lol. . one side is cute and the other is not so cute. . .
      haha. . dont worry about it too much. . what can we do about it?

    • Anpadh says:

      Nobody’s perfect :) The human body is not perfectly symmetrical. It isn’t just the face. Your arms are not exactly equal in size or your legs, breasts, butt, etc. In fact, here is an interesting experiment to try, especially have photos of both profiles. Take two left-profile photos. Flip one of them. Put the two left profiles together to make up “one” face. Do the same with the right profile. Show one photograph to a group of people and make a note of each person’s reaction (whether the person liked or disliked the photo). A month later show people the other photo. The chances are that people will say you look prettier in the left profile picture than in the right profile. Be sure to show the pictures to exactly the same persons, both times. And show the picture only when you are alone with each person.

    • fi ♠ says:

      i NEED to ask-what on earth is a british looking nose????

      i lived here all my life, what a i missing?????

    • rainbowbrittany1 says:

      I think it’s normal to look diffrent on both sides of your face. I know people who have diffrent eye colors on diffrent sides of there face.

    • leanna1700 says:

      Dont worry its normal, alot of people if they took a picture of just the left or right side of their face and reversed one and then stuck the photos together (left and left) (right and right) the photos would look different. The sites below have some photo examples:

      http://regentsprep. org/Regents/math/symmetry/Photos. htm

      http://www. allianceps. org/vnews/display. v/ART/2004/10/14/416ef00de2da9

    • beanz says:

      i heard somewhere that we think perfectly symmetrical faces are beautiful, but i think it’s pretty cool that two sides of our faces can be so different

    • Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

      I have the exact same problem! My right side is nice and the other is not so nice. When ever i sit down at school i always make sure to sit on the left side so everybody cant see my right side. My face also looks worse in really bright orangy light, like in bathrooms so i try to stay away from them to. My nose looks really bad to on my right side and you can see bags on my right side to.

      • alexica says:

        omggg am the same way and i hate the fact that my left is different from the right ughhhh my left side is uglier and i hate that soooo muchhh i wish i was made normal like everybody else

    • Dhanushika says:

      I also have the same problem even people notice that left hand side on my face looks different. Can anyone advise me what to do.


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