• Is it illegal to have tattoos on the face, neck and hands?

    Are tattoo artists legally allowed to do work on these areas?

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    18 thoughts on “Is it illegal to have tattoos on the face, neck and hands?

    • Birchall18 says:

      No, I’ve seen people with tattoos in all of those places. It’s your skin you can do what ever you want.

    • claudiaroman2014 says:

      it is if u want to go to heaven

    • Rae says:

      In some states, yes. Just Google tattoo laws.

    • aedavis89 says:

      No, but most tattoo artists are very reluctant to do work on those places because of the stigma attached to tattoos. You’d just have to shop around for a good artist who is willing to do the work.

      Oh, and make sure you can still get a job (ex-don’t get a tattoo on your face if you want to work in the business world).

    • Mrs.Patterson says:

      Illegal no, Frowned upon Yes! In the military they also will more than likely discharge you or not even let you enlist if they are visible in the dress uniform. . .

    • Fabian R says:


    • deepseaberserker says:

      I doubt it’s illegal to have them in any state, but I bet it’s illegal for tattoo artist to DO them in a few states.

    • emacouture@ymail.com says:

      I hope not.

    • kawaiiadvice says:

      No but at some jobs you have to cover all tattoos so they don’t offend anyone, which is hard to do if they are on your face neck or hands.

    • RevyFan says:

      It´s hard to believe you´re serious, but I assume that this isn´t spam, and I answer. It´s not illegal.

    • D*G*A*F says:

      i seriously doubt it. i have seen people with tattoos all over their body. like someone has already said, some artists will not do face or hand tattoos, due to possibility of infection. plus, people use their hands all the time. it would be hard not to get an infection if one was on the hand. just take a look at kat von d. she has tattoos on her face neck and hands, and she is still alive :) she hasnt been put in jail, or ordered to have them removed.

    • laalaa-loo xx says:

      no it isn’t becuase you see people with them, its just that most tatoo parlours don’t allow it, don’t know why.

    • Brittany says:

      It’s not illegal to have tattoos anywhere.
      However, it is illegal in some states to get tattoos in certain places. In my state, Georgia, you cannot be tattooed within inches of the eye. It just depends on your state’s laws.

    • Oldgrump says:

      In which country? Every country in the world has different laws! It’s not illegal in the UK, but it probably will be in Iraq – nobody can any more precise until you give us more information.

    • Kerry says:

      no it’s not. a long time ago it was fashionable to have tattoos in these areas, then everyone hated it. tattoo parlours didn’t want to tattoo these areas. but they’re back in fashion again now. i like some i’ve seen but think again in a few years people will regret them again. just like all fashions.

    • PETER D says:

      I saw that someone said it was not illegal here in the uk, but it is illegal to get the hands face or neck tattoo’d. The hands face and neck are still considered property of the queen ( monarch ) and because of this you can be jailed for defacing the property of the queen (by the way it is both the artist and the canvas that can be charged)

      • Dante says:


        i ahve not found one piece of documented evidence to your claim that a person /artist could be jailed for having a tattoo on the neck or the hands face .

        that said most facial tattoo are frowned upon in western culture , and you may have a hard time finding a job . that said there are many other places that a person can get a tattoo or other body mods.

        I myself have a tat on my upper left arm to shoulder blade and a pierced nob

        Be well

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