• i keep getting spots no matter how often i use face wash. it makes me really depressed what can i do?

    even when i cover them with concealer u can see them, ive tried everything to get rid of them and prevent them, but nothing works – help!

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    14 thoughts on “i keep getting spots no matter how often i use face wash. it makes me really depressed what can i do?

    • TG says:

      Your doctor can give you pills that will make your acne go away. Ask your parents to make an appointment.

    • the countess says:

      the doctor can give you a cream or lotion to help your spots (probably acne) the doc is quite used to being asked for this so just pop along and stop worrying

    • anti_pop_chic says:

      take about four aspirin and dissolve them in a few drops of water. . add in a squirt of honey and make it into a paste. . you can also add in a few vitamin e capsules if ya like. . this can be used as a scrub, mask if left on for ten minutes, and a spot treatment left on over night. .

      aspirin has the same active ingredient as pro active. .

      another thing i do as an exfoliate is i scrub my face with an electric toothbrush. . it’s sounds kinda weird but it works. . it really cleans out your pores and removes dead skin, oil and dirt. . you can use any scrub ya like or the aspirin i mentioned. . i like to use st. ives. . and i do it about three times a week. .

      only wash your face when you wake up in the morning, before you go to bed, and after exercise. . excess washing makes your face produce extra oil. .

      warm water opens pores and cold closes them. . so wash with warm and rinse with cold. .

      also you may want to get a good toner and moisturizer. . not astringent because it contains a ton of alcohol and is rough on your skin. .

      and watch the make up you use. . a mineral make up is so much better for your skin. . it doesn’t clog your pores or make you break out. . i like to use bare minerals make up. .

      i hope this helps. .

    • brightblonde says:

      have you been to your doctor ? mine gave me lymecycline and it worked but i had to be on them for years

    • mr bigs says:

      Try & change your diet to a more healthy one,if you think that may be required-that often helps. That includes just drinking water for a bit. Maybe some simple baby soap may also help.

    • Clarelouise says:

      Drink lots. . and I mean LOTS of fresh water.
      It always clears my skin up as it flushes the toxins from your body. heathy skin is not always about how you wash its about what you put in your body aswell. . . . . drink lots and youll see a difference! Promise

    • Esha says:

      that was me too! My mom started noticing it too. She told me to stop using the hardcore face wash so i stopped and i just used neutrogena morning face wash. the acne just stopped coming for me. you should try that. unless u wear a lot of makeup. maybe u need a prescription.

    • x Princess x says:

      No matter how much u wash your face – it wont make spots dissapear.

      Aslong as your washing your face daily your fine.
      But dont do it more than twice as this drys out the skin and can make spots worse!

      Go to your doctor and they can sort some hormoan tables out – which sould stop your spots.

    • luv2bhapi says:

      OK. . . well first of all what kind of spots are they? Do you mean pimples, blemishes, skin discoloration or blotches (whatever you call them). First all if you have any of this stuff you could be making the problem worse by washing your face so much. You should only wash your face 2-3 times a day, i suggest 2- when you wake up & most important EVERY night before going to sleep, Its so important to wash every night, even if your tired, even if your drunk, it only takes less than two minutes & trust me it’s worth it. When you sleep your face heals itself so try to get some kind of face cream (depending on the type osf spots you get) if its for pimples get some clearasil (it really does work)& just dot the pimples don’t rub (causes skin irratations, dryness, and red spots). Also try not to put on so much concealer or makeup cause it makes pimples or flaws more noticable. Also try a concealer brush (just started using it & it covers so good, it feels like your painting your face), just use a dab of concealer & spread it with the brush only on your problem spots, oh & one more thing, stress sometimes starts to show on your face sometimes. Don’t worry to much about your skin problem, eventually it will go away, so your not doing yourself any good by getting depressed about it, & drink lots of water, LOTS, winter is coming & you want to keep your skin hydrated. . . . . . Good luck

    • Blondie =) says:

      Okay the first thing 2 remember is not 2 wash your face 2 much or it really wont help!

      Go to the doctor and show them your spots and also tell them how much its affecting your confidence, they should give you medication creams for it that you cant just buy. If the doctor says you have acne and you are on the contraceptive pill you can ask about a pill that helps with things such as spots.

      Drink plenty of water.

      Use warm water to wash off the face wash and then wash your face with cold water to close the pores. When you dry your face, pat it dry to avoid irritating the skin.

      Don’t use to much concealer because make up can cause spots, use one that helps clear spots and doesn’t just cover them up.

      & whatever you do NEVER squeeze the spots as you will transfer more bacteria to the area and make the spot worse.

      Hope this helps

    • Jenny23 says:

      Try lemon juice works great for acne acne scars brown spots and freckles I use it once daily and it works great
      Oh and i love ST IVES APRICOT SCRUB for blackheads/blemishes it works great ill use it for the rest of my life!! Ive never had better skin and its only $3
      Go here for more info and home remedies

    • Vik says:

      Murad acne kit really helped me. The main trick is do not touch or squeeze pimples and new acne, no matter how hard it is. When you touch them your skin can be irritated and get infected. Acne will start disappear in two weeks.
      Now, your skin might get dry in the beginning, just start using Murad once a day. I am also using Botanics Boots (Target) Vitamin Recovery Mask. It is just deep oil free moisturizer once a week.
      Try not to eat chocolate, oranges and spicy food as much. These food can break your skin.
      Good Luck!

    • mk says:

      u shud wash ur face more often because this helps clear the pores in your skin.

    • jellybean says:

      Go to your G. P. I had this problem when I was young, and millions of years ago they did not have anywhere as near as much, as they do today.
      Don’t suffer, the doctors have loads of products, and just keep pestering them till you get the one that works.
      That is what they are there for.
      It is too late for me scar wise, I have the marks to show, and although in my late 50’s yes. . . . you read it correctly, I have actually got the right medication, as my son son got married last year, and I needed to do something, so go on, get your self to your G. P. and moan, I wish you all the best.
      PS. Don’t get depressed, I bet you are a nice person, my skin is really scarred, but it did not stop me getting married twice.

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