• I have a dry face, Should i wash my face with cold water or hot?

    When i get up in the morning for school, my face is very very dry. I don’t know what kind of Temperature to use to wash my face in the morning? Cold? Warm? Hot? That don’t make your face all dry =( Any home recommendies tips please tell me.

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    15 thoughts on “I have a dry face, Should i wash my face with cold water or hot?

    • Horny Goat Weed says:

      Warm water is best, cold water will make your skin dry out quicker. Try using a facial moistroiser in the mornings and your skin should stay fresh all day.

    • Needsomethingnew94 says:

      prefer to use cold water. Cold water soften and dews up your face as the molecules cover up the dried part while. It’s recommended to wash your face with suitable facial wash to make it look bright and clean. Hot water is recommended at night because when you sleep, it traps the dusts in your room and protect your face skin from them.

    • o_O says:

      Avoid soap, use a conditioning bar with warm water and invest in a protective moisturiser.

    • foxfire says:

      Warm water is best and make sure you dry your face thoroughly. It might be worth going to your GP as they can give you a good moisturiser that isnt water based. Alot of the creams you buy on the highstreet are water based and can make sensitive skin worse.

    • lady b says:

      use warm water to wash your face, never use cold water for cold water removes natural oils from the face. also use Oliy creamy or vaseline on your face after washing it with warm water.

    • Evana says:

      put warm water
      put some cream like olay or nivea

    • sk8er girl says:

      I was going to say warm water ,but I think this is will help me
      http://beauty. about. com/od/skinflaws/a/skinsavers. htm

      http://www. ehow. com/how_2069674_rehydrate-dry-face. html

      answer mine plz

      http://answers. yahoo. com/question/index;_ylt=AoVHnyZVyCEhTKk2g9. vLHrsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091207075026AABN8Z1

    • Gurjeet K says:

      u should use warm water on the colder side . follow dees steps & u’ll find d difference
      * moisturize ur face leave it 4 couple of min. ‘s. (ur face will absorb d moisturizer as much it wants)
      *wash it with good face wash(it will wash the excess 4m ur face)

    • Haram Scare's Them says:


    • chue says:

      wash ur face with warm water. .
      don’t use cold water because cold water make u have more dry skin

    • italian girl says:

      warm water. You might wanna try using some extra virgin olive oil. I use it at night and it feels real good and keeps my face hydrated and smooth. While your face is still wet, use your hands to rub some of the oil all over your face. Then rinse and rub off as much as you can with warm water. You may not get all of it off at first, which is why i do it in the evening so some of it still stays on my face overnight. In the morning when you wash it again, the rest of the oil will come off, but your face will still be hydrated. It works real great for me. You should try it.

    • il0v3y0ux says:

      warm water. Try not washing it too often as that can get rid of it’s natural oils. Try e45 cream and moisturizer (:

    • Elizabeth Taylor says:

      Warm water – and try using some coconut oil for your dry skin! You can eat it or use it as a moisturiser and it’s fantastic, cold water is the worst for dry skin.

    • countryqueen1911 says:

      I have noticed when I use strictly warm/hot water to wash my face, it gets very dry! But, when I wash it with warm/hot water THEN cool/cold water, my face is left very smooth and the dryness is absent :)

    • mereliini says:

      try really warm

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