• How often is it normal to wax your face ?

    I wax it once a week but I notice my hairs grow three or four days after waxing.

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    9 thoughts on “How often is it normal to wax your face ?

    • Rosco Bagdagowicz says:

      I’ve heard twice a month, but that’s only when the hairs get really obvious. It won’t hurt you to wax as frequently or infrequently as you’d like.

    • Natasha B says:

      actually you are suppose to do it every 4 to 6 weeks you could damage your skin if there are stray hairs left try plucking them with tweezers

    • bethybee says:

      i wax mine about every 8 to 10 weeks.

    • Mimi Martini says:

      once a month or every two months
      once a week can lead to irration
      and thicker/faster growth of hair
      use bleach or just tweeze the unwanted hair

    • Hibee says:

      It is not “normal” to wax any part of your body. It’s a 21st century affectation.

    • rajan naidu says:

      once a 10 day

    • HEATHER M says:

      about every 6 weeks, if you wax it more the hair will grow back quicker and thicker

    • KA123 says:

      Well I do it roughly every three weeks, because thats when it starts getting noticeable. I don’t think its a good idea to wax as often as you do, because your skin can get irritated, but if you must I have some tips. Always wash your face before-hand. When your skin is totally dry, pat some baby talcum powder on the area you want to wax, this will prevent the wax from sticking on to your SKIN. This will cause less irritation, redness, and pain! Thats the best I can suggest. Maybe you can look into electrolysis if you have hair that grows that fast. I understand that it might get kind of tedious. . .

    • Hurley$tar says:

      Ok this may be late and a bit long :). But I just started waxing my lip myself at home and I love it! I did a lot of research online before I started. One thing, if it’s the first time, or few times, it can grow back after 7 days. It grows less the more you do it. Second, if you do not do it correctly, which it taking it out by the root, you just end up breaking it off instead of removing it, which it basically like shaving, and shaving makes hair grow back after 1-2 days. Make sure when you are waxing, that when you put the strip / wax on, you rub 3-4 times firmly in the direction the hair grows, pull the skin below down as in stretching it, and pull quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth. This should ensure that it is being removed instead of broken off. Hope this helps !

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