• How long do face creams and cosmetics last?

    I have been using this dermalogica booster for about 3 years now and am wondering if it has gone off yet, also how long to creams, lotions and blemish treatments last before they go off.

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    10 thoughts on “How long do face creams and cosmetics last?

    • C.J says:

      New products have an indicator on them now

    • Hairspray says:

      As per CJ’s comment above.

    • vpsinbad50 says:

      The shelf life is 6 months . After that they lose their potency . This also applies to make – up .

    • Tony G says:


    • kazlea says:

      New products do have an indicator on them. Products from U. S. A. have a shorter use by date . Booster products are designed to give skin an intensive boost over a short period of time. These products traditionally are rich in active ingredients. It is advisable to continue there use under the guidance of your facialist who prescribed it. I would suggest you take in and ask to inspect it. Three years is long enough for bacteria to build up in your product

    • Veronica W says:

      tyhey should last awhile dermalogica is a very speiclait brand it lasts as long as you use it contact www. dermalogoca. co. uk they will be able to advbise you

    • DaisyMay says:

      I’d say no longer than a year. I’ve had some that I’ve kept for over a year and the smell changed completely – pooeee!

    • Natalie G says:

      It depends on the quality of ingredients in the product you are using. Dermalogica is a professional brand & will use low level preservatives so they don’t destroy the active ingredients. They have a 2-3 year shelf life un-opened, if stored correctly, (out of direct sunlight & away from heat) and should be used up within 6 months of opening. With high street products that use high level preservatives, you will get a bit longer.
      All products made within the last year now have a shelf life indicator on the back of the product, this indicates your shelf life from time of opening.
      Once a product has been opened, air gets in it & bacteria start to multiply. Contamination will be worse if it is a pot where you have put your fingers in, as opposed to a pump or tube. In a salon we always use a clean spatula to remove product from tubs.
      If products have a strange smell or texture or they have seperated, it’s time to throw them out.
      I would definitely recommend throwing out your product, not only will it not be doing you any good, as the essential oils will have deteriorated, but you could be causing your skin problems.

    • kiteeze says:

      Usually you can use them for about a year before their potency goes off. But if you haven’t opened them and have stored them in a cool and dark place, they should be alright for much longer.
      That’s for the older ones that don’t have a time label on them.

    • Indigo says:

      you can use it for a long tine

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