• how do I make my rough face soft again?

    well i got rough skin places. and small spots that just make my skin look rough instead of smooth.
    i want a soft and smooth look? i can say it could possibly be like baby skin.

    i heard of face masks i can make at home. does anyone now any affective kinds of ones i can make and all the details on how to make them.

    plus iv tried face srubs and they just leave my skin dry and even more rough looking.

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    8 thoughts on “how do I make my rough face soft again?

    • Amie M says:

      use that Johnson’s baby wash, :$ lol, and moisturise :)

    • Stoo73 says:

      You need to use a good facial moisturiser after exfoliating.

    • LO! says:

      Use St. Ives apricot scrub, I know you said you have tried scrubs, but they have a sensitive skin one that doesn’t dry it out. If you don’t have bad acne, just moisturize a lot, try baby lotion. It smells kinda bad, but if it helps its worth it.

    • Anna L says:

      go to Lidl store and buy their night creme it is only £2. 00 and it is brilliant stop using facial scrubs
      use the yolk of an egg and some honey as a face mask very nourishing Holland & Barratt you can get them cheap when they have a half price sale on and your skin should be clearer in no time
      take fish oil capsules from
      do not use a sunbed
      hope this helps annaL good luck hon

    • Quia says:

      I think you don’t need a face mask but a good moisturizer
      this is an excellent cream for dry skin, it really absorbs into the skin & moisturizes, It has 7 natural oils & 14 herbs, has no paraben & is natural, it’s about £13 but u get a big bottle & it lasts along time. (P&P is free if u order online)
      http://www. victoriahealth. com/vhstore/pc/advSearch_P. asp?priceFrom=0&priceUntil=999999999&idCategory=0&idSupplier=10&resultCnt=30&sku=&customfield=0&IDBrand=0&IDManu=0&vege=&exact=&order=2&Keyword=miracle+lotion

    • Star786 says:

      Use a good face moisturising cream like Nivea :-)

    • shahereyar says:

      i have dots on my face and my face so rough i want to make so good looking face my brother marrage is there next week
      what can i do to make like this my face

    • burnet collinz says:

      plse help me so that could ma skin to look soft and free from pimples and scars

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