• How do i achieve a flawless , natural , glowing look on my face without caking on my foundation?

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    18 thoughts on “How do i achieve a flawless , natural , glowing look on my face without caking on my foundation?

    • :] says:


      Seriously , their foundations are around £20 but so worth it.

      I love the playstick :] and their new on which is in a bottle.
      They look really natural and you only have to put a little on, and they last for ages! and they are good for your skin

    • little miss summer says:

      moisturiser is always good to use

      use natural looking foundation and make up alittle bit of mascarta and eyeliner

      http://uk. answers. yahoo. com/question/index;_ylt=Aq4l4nnStbANHjZXKsE. u0kgBgx. ;_ylv=3?qid=20080527112915AAFDs7w

    • MK says:

      I use Covergirl powder, the new mineral kind, can’t think of the exact name, but it’s great! I no longer have to use any foundation. So I would recommend any type of powder that is natural and made with minerals.

    • almemoore says:

      Try a mineral powder foundation. It is very natural looking and great for all skin types.
      www. marykay. com

    • nyjae says:

      I like my MAc Studio fix.
      Invest in a good brush, this way you get even coverage with less makeup.

    • Nadia says:

      Dont wear foundation!

      Get a good powder such as Loreal true match. . it blends perfectly with your skin tone and gives a smooth all over clolur, moturiser 5mins before applying makeup gives a good glow but use a lgith one to aviod greasyness

    • soccermom says:

      I’d like to find out as well so I am just just gonna stick around.

    • sparkle says:

      Use a makeup called Bare Minerals. Not only does it make your face appear flawless & natural, but it is natural, made up of minerals & its actually good for you skin.

    • tota says:

      Have a look at this link, they give some good tips about how to find the right foundation. . . good luck!

    • lil miss giggles says:

      maybelline is good

    • real says:

      Clinque one its really good specially the Almost Real powder. and on top if you use the 3-step process it really cleans your skin up and gives you that flawless look that u looking for.

      And by the way eveyone is diff and I dont know why people come here and give somone a thumbs down just because they want eveyone to like one certain thing for example if one certain person likes MAc they want everybody to like Mac.

    • muffintop says:

      just use moisturiser and maybe concealer. then you could just use bronzer to give yourself a glow.

    • Jill says:

      use a cream illuminator like wet n wild mega glow face illuminator in the rose shade. use this over mineral foundation like l’oreal bare naturale. i bought this like two days ago and I am really really loving it!!

    • hally12345 says:

      fi use only expensive foundations cuz i think the cheap ones give you dry skin
      for an expensive brand bobbi brown is the best. . ive tried the others, it gives you a glow and never cakes. .

      cheaper ones true match is the way to go, it has loads of tones and doesnt cake. . .

      but a gr8 tip is to slather on LOADS of moisturiser and wait 10 mins for it to dry, u will never get caked then. .
      hope it helps

    • ska_chick74 says:

      You definitely don’t need to cake on foundation to get a natural, flawless, and glowing look. The best way to do this is of course to take care of your skin, cleanse, moisturize, and exfloliate every so often, etc. If you’re already doing this and still find that you need a bit of a boost here are some products that can help you in achieving that look.

      1. Benefit High Beam- this pink liquid can be mixed in with foundation or worn on its own to create a beautiful luminious glow. A little goes a long way and it’s a really fantastic product.

      2. Concealer. It does not matter what kind you use as long as it works for you. Instead of caking on foundation like a mask, use concealer to hide your imperfections.

      3. Powder. My powder of choice is MAC’s mineralized skin finish, it really does create a flawless finish and looks very light and natural on the skin. If MAC is out of your price range or you don’t have one near you, try picking up Wet N’ Wild’s mineral powder. Yes it’s cheap but it really is a fantastic finishing powder with just enough mica to leave your skin looking radiant.

    • cyndi w says:

      get breathable foundation which doesn’t block your pores and only put one dap and spread. the designery brands can be quite heavy and strong. clinique/benefit is good!! try that out

    • eas says:

      Try puritycosmetics,co,uk. It is really good!

    • jess says:

      drink lots of water, eat healthy,and you can make a relly nice face scrub of honey and lemon… helps get rid of dirt and certain dead cells also can dry upsome pimples

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