• How can I make a natural face mask with things from around the house?

    I am wanting to try something more natural because it seems that most washes and lotions for my face break me out. I have DRY/oily skin. Any ideas??? Thanks for the advice.

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    12 thoughts on “How can I make a natural face mask with things from around the house?

    • M.L.C.M says:

      honey and outmeal. make a paste. put on your face.

    • Squared says:

      if your skin is dry and oily, you might want to try an aspirin, honey, apple cider vinegar mask. they aren’t exactly things you would definitely find at home, but at least you know exactly what is in it.

      crush one aspirin, mix it with two tablespoons apple cider vinegar, add enough honey to cover your face with a thin even coat. leave it on for about 20 minutes.

    • maybe_someday says:


      Raw egg white, put only the egg white on your face and let it dry. Then wipe off.

      Crushed Almonds and Honey, or Oatmeal and Honey.

    • ~Juicy~ says:

      take a shower w/ fresh water and u can try “andrea” its a mask
      $1. 90 Longs drug store.
      theres stuff for oily skin on the market ur skin will change though because my face was so oily around my nose

    • johnnyrodrrt says:

      Egg whites whipped and applied to the face. You can also try 2 spoon full oatmeal let soak 1 min in 1 spoonful water mix using your hands and apply to face for 10 Min’s. then rinse

    • poeticpixie20 says:

      oatmeal and banana.

      They will help with the dry part.

    • c.calixte01 says:

      you can make a scrub. sometimes i add sugar to my cleaner or you can wet your face and put sugar in your hand and rub it on your face. it’s really good you can use it all over your body. you can even add sugar to your body wash for good smooth skin.

    • Roseee says:

      the best way to make a face mask is to you lemon, avocado and i teaspoon of milk
      if you want silky smooth skin drink a glass of water with lemon in it every morning when you wake up and every night before sleep i guarantee you it works

    • Calvin Klein says:


      And just about any fruit or vegetable can be blended up and put on your face and is good for your skin.

    • nelcoy says:

      Egg yoke, milk of magnesia, honey

      Put on face for 10mins and then wash off. Makes my skin real great and lil glow

    • marj jk says:

      the use of vegetable most make a face to be soft. this is because vegetables do not contain chemicals. so i advise u ma’ friends to use vegetables to make your face soft.

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