• Can you apply face primer over your eyelids and lips ?

    I have bys face primer and was wondering instead of buying eyelid primer can you just use a face primer for the eyelids and your lips ?

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    5 thoughts on “Can you apply face primer over your eyelids and lips ?

    • Zaaara K says:

      yeah sure

    • MostestMeri says:

      If by primer you mean foundation, then yes, absolutely. It will make your eyeshadow and lipstick adhere and last longer.

      I use face lotion withan SPF under foundation, then I put foundation on my whole face.

    • J says:

      Yes but honestly I’ve had better luck with eyelid primer. Facial primer is a thin layer of silicone that lays on top of the skin to help the makeup stick better, but it doesn’t really do much to prevent creasing. Eyelid primer has a slightly sticky consistency and soaks in to your skin some so it does a much better job at preventing your eyeshadow from traveling.

    • Ariyana says:

      Well i use Primer for my eyelids and it not a problem for me I never used it on my lips though but dont be afaid to try it though Good Luck!

    • Katherine _____? says:

      Well, yes you can. BUT, I dont recommend it. Using the primer on your lips, will dry them out. Also, if you want your eyeshadow to stay on longer, you should use a REAL eyeshadow primer. Some cheap ones include;
      – L’Oreal decrease. $8
      – E. L. F eyelid primer $1 (Theres also the ELF studio one thats $3, and the mineral one thats $3)
      – ULTA base $6. 50
      – ULTA eye primer $12
      Some high end ones that I know of;
      – UDPP (urban decay primer potion) $18 {a LOT of people use this one. )
      – Two Faced Shadow Insurance $17

      I use the ULTA base one, because I got it on sale for like, three, maybe four dollars.
      It actually is pretty good[:
      Also, Im not 100% sure where you could get lip primers, but for a really good lip primer, without the lip primer, just use chapstick[;

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