• Can washing my face with plain water help it?

    My cousin had acne and she started rinsing her face with water and that’s it. Her face cleared up. Could it help me to or make it worse. I only have a few pimples.

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    7 thoughts on “Can washing my face with plain water help it?

    • cutie_tweety_pie says:

      i rinse my face with cold water every morning and night before i go to bed and my skin has always been clear :)

    • Zipzip says:

      I never use any face washes! I did once and it created acne. I just let it get hit with water in the shower and before getting out turn the water super cold and let it run over my face. The pores will be clean and the cold water will close them up so no dirt can get in ! Just make sure to use the hot water first so it cleans the dirt out! Using cold water first will trap the dirt in

    • Leena <33 says:

      that sounds interesting maybe ill try it 2

    • Locke says:

      Well it won’t hurt anything. But good old fashion soap and water are always fun. Its best to really wash your face after you shower though, all of the pors on your face have been opened up and its prime time for cleaning them. Try not to touch your hands to your face either. But washing your face at least 3 times a day can help a great deal.

    • Kiwi says:

      My face clears up really well when i just use Dove soap and water to wash my face and I am not the kind of person who gets acne

    • Susannah says:

      Try good old fashioned soap and water on a wash cloth for your face, but sometimes that might not be good because you’re not supposed to apply pressure on acne and pimples or else it might leave a scar.
      Im 14 and my mom bought for Shoppers Drug Mart with the help of professionals. I dont have any more acne or pimples. Here’s the product name:


      Benzoyl Peroxide
      USP 5%

      And the company name:

      60 ML

      Hope this helped!

    • JellyBaby* says:

      yes well anything as long as it gets the muck & oil out of your skin.
      Diffrent skin reacts with diffrent things so just keep trying differnt things.
      A great way to cure acne is to eat Greek yoghurt & honey, its yummy and healthy too!
      good luck x

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