• Whats the difference between hair lightener and bleach?

    Whats the difference between hair lightener and bleach? Im thinking of using “loreal super blonde lightening kit 205″ and was wondering if it was a bleach? My cousin said that its not and its less harsh but i really dont know. And i only want to dye it to a orange colour cause im asian :)
    And anyone know where to buy “creme developer”????

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    3 thoughts on “Whats the difference between hair lightener and bleach?

    • Helen says:

      try sallys. . they have a uk website and you will probably need 9% maybe even 12% if your hair is black. why would you want to dye it an orange colour? you’ll regret it and damage your hair, once you put bleach on your hair it’s never the same again!

    • JADDEEEE says:

      creme developer can be bought in sallys/terrys sales or boots. you can get the jerome russell one. lightener is less harsh as its mixed with other stuff, but bleach is the real deal. if you want a good result i suggest you go for the bleach, i had black hair and bleached mine and it went a lovely orange colour. its too bad i wanted blonde, aha.

    • one says:

      Hair Lightener and Bleach are the SAME THING. The term ‘Hair Lightener’ was coined by CLAIROL® to make lightening your hair sound less damaging and more appealing to consumers. Most people just toss around the word Bleach because it is easier and more descriptive of what the product does.

      And those people who insist that they are different just don’t understand that just because the product(s) are in a different form or strength. Any reputable hair dresser will tell you they are the same thing just made for different types of ‘Lightening’ (Bleaching before Toning, Slight lifting of the natural color, Pre-Lifting before coloring, Streaking / Frosting / Tipping) or different types of hair. (Resistant, Permed / Relaxed, Already Colored)

      L’Oreal® Super Blonde has ‘Creme’ Developer in the kit already in the Applicator Bottle.

      If you need additional developer, MOST developers are the ‘Creme’ Type – A few are Clear, Liquid Developers, like CLAIROXIDE® or WELLA® Clear Peroxide (Developer) but you can easily determine which are ‘Creme’.

      Hope This Helps.

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