• What hair color goes best with hazel eyes?

    I want a hair color that matches my features. I have hazel eyes (more brown than green), pale skin and dark brown eyebrows. Right now my hair is blonde with some brown in it. What hair color should I have?

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    14 thoughts on “What hair color goes best with hazel eyes?

    • Athena says:

      Your natural hair color would go best with your natural eye color.

    • Pizza says:

      really light brown!! almost blond but not really!! answer mine plz http://answers. yahoo. com/question/index;_ylt=Av6Ov3KfxPSIUbvCoSZdYqfsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100620135051AAS5kiX

    • live_luv_laff22 says:

      My hair is a light brown with some golden highlights naturally. I also have hazel eyes and i seem to match well. Good luck :)

    • Jessica Jane says:

      Wouldn’t your natural colour be the best suit?
      But if you really want to have a different hair colour, maybe light brunette?

    • me says:

      Red hair would be gorgeous!!! U could go like fire hydrant red or a softer red but either way your eye color would totally be enhanced. :-)

    • xobabe says:

      if you want something different try dark chocolate brown.
      I have the same eye color as you, but tanner skin, i dyed my hair black and it goes well with my features.

    • iLOVEmycat says:

      i would say brown. . . . light brown !! :)

    • taylor :D p says:

      Medium brown, my friend has this and its gorgeousss :)

    • xoalyssaxo says:

      I would add a few dark blonde highlights, and small amount of light brown highlights and dark brown as well. It is true that your natural hair color will go better with you natural eye color, but if you do want to change your hair color I would suggest highlights.

    • Riley says:

      Do a brown to match your eyebrows. Natural is usually the way to go.

    • sailortinkitty says:

      All hair colors go well with Hazel eyes.

      You need to determine all the colors in your skin. You aren’t just flat out pale, you will have red, yellow, pink, brown, orange. . etc. . inside your skin tone.

      I would suggest you avoid matching the brown in your eyes because that makes your eyes become flat and lifeless against all your hair. Green likes Black, Blond, and Red to your hair color. Even white. So when you have Hazel Eyes any color works. If you want to bring the green out, you could have a little red to your hair but if you go straight to pure fantasy red then they neutralize each other. Whatever hair color you get will reflect in your eyes, so after your hair is colored your eyes will change in color towards the direction of your hair color. So if you get a slightly darker brown, it will darken the brown in your eyes.

    • Rainpath says:

      You sound like a spitting image of my sister! She just dyed her hair chocolate brown and its looks really, really nice. She has light eye brows though so you might want to go with a medium brown like i did. :)

    • Abbi says:

      You should get a rich dark brown with blonde highlights.

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