• What causes short frizzy hair on the top of my head around my parting?

    I have long, thick hair thats mainly straight with a bit of a kink. I use straighteners most days sometimes with protective spray. The top of my head is covered in short (prob 1-2 inches) frizzy hairs which are really hard to tame. Whats caused them and will the hair grow back properly?

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    4 thoughts on “What causes short frizzy hair on the top of my head around my parting?

    • Fuego addict♥ says:

      There is a styling product called shine, you can get it just about anywhere hair products are sold. It will prevent the frizzies and your hair will be gorgeous

    • Angel_Falling says:

      I have those little hairs too, mostly at my hairline. I think it’s just just new hair that’s growing but isn’t long enough to lie neatly with the rest of your hair.

    • Ashley G says:

      They are hairs that broke and kinked up. Probably because you are too rough with your hair. Trying using a wide toothed comb instead of a brush on wet hair and be careful when you put in in ponytails and such, because your hair can actually break.

    • asboclothing says:

      Your gouing bald.

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