• If horse shampoo i use, how long would it take for my hair to grow 7-8 inches?

    He said that horse shampoo help your hair grow thicker, longer and more rapide.J I need my hair to get thick, grow faster and look good, with’in four months or more. Help?

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    15 thoughts on “If horse shampoo i use, how long would it take for my hair to grow 7-8 inches?

    • LELA S says:

      horse?. . . . About 1-2 weeks

    • Hal says:

      should be the same amount of time it would normally lol

    • MJ says:

      Uhm. . . Are you a horse? O. o

    • notyou311 says:

      Shampoo has no effect on hair growth. Not wash the hair, the same horse.

    • Kelly says:

      Ive never heard that hair, the horse, but you’ve had so it would take the same time as it usually does

    • Bish Bash says:

      I did not know horses could not type or a computer for that matter

    • Helen says:

      Nonsense horses have much more oil in the hair shampoo and I guess the horse is very strong that human shampoo. I guess you wash your hair every day with bleach has an effect similar to that of unwanted by using horse shampoo!

    • EL.ES.MI.TODO.8/1/09 says:

      this is true but only if you take care of him out of the shower as well. If you use hair products, make sure they have no harmful chemicals and try not to take a hot shower, because that usually causes split ends. also cut your hair every week Cople and helps the growth and

    • Blondefish says:

      I’ve never heard of him lengthen hair. But it does enhance the luster and softness. It is a brand often sold at Walmart called Mane n ‘Tail is used for horses and humans. It comes in a yellow bottle. I recommend. Healthy hair growth encourages more so I guess that contributes to growth.

    • Stank says:

      OH. . uh it doesn’t make your hair grow. I used Dudleys’ M-T-g oil horses. Um it makes your hair being very thick and I honestly do not like pas.Le main ingredient in this kind of help do a little to growth is the sulfur content. Sulfur is known to help the growth of the follicle pileux.Je say take a vitamin biotin place. This helps your home produce more hair more viteEDITL mane and tail is very watered down version and a waste of money. Do not use it. My roommate has used religion and his hair is a mess. . lol

    • rainbow xx says:

      i wouldnt use horse shampoo because it is very hard and dry hair: P I use this shampoo and it gives my hair shine and volume:) http://www. fasthair. co. uk /

    • XxneonxheartxX says:

      is a myth. I know because I tried to use the shampoo horse myself. EXCLUDE croire.itll grow as fast as it usually does. thats on average half an inch per month. yes, it will take you a year and four months to eight inches and 1 year and 2 months to grow by 7 inches.

    • Mary H says:

      You must be careful, you can become a horse! lolx

    • naturalcare64 says:

      Never heard of a horse shampoo, but for hair growth you need internal and external food. Try a lotion and a shampoo called Ziravie, which combines tradition, science and nature to provide a blend of natural nutrients, minerals and vitamins, which act on the scalp in depth, which in turn stimulates strong, healthy and robust hair growth, strengthening hair roots, gives volume and reduces thinning, hair loss and baldness. see their web site that provides a combination of fruits and vegetables helps to strengthen the hair roots internally. I use lotion helps accelerate hair growth but it is aa first process it calms scalp, itching reduces, then stops with discipline use hair fall, within 3 weeks of using the hair root and strengthens you start to see the volume and soyeuxLe site is www. ziravie. com, but I bought in Spain and now it is available on eBay. co. UK

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