• How many times do I use the purple shampoo to get the tone of my hair yellow?

    How many times do I use the purple shampoo to get the tone of my hair yellow? , So I went to the pros and finally got my hair white, his colors, I want to but atm its quite yellow, so I was wondering how long if more would need to use purple shampoo? also do you know any good they sell in the United Kingdom?

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    • princess101085_123 says:

      you want shampoo Lee Stafford, bleach blonde hair conditioner, smells wonderful and does not vraiment.Vous notice a difference after the first was, but continue to use it to stop any brassy tones back to your hair color and it will keep its fresh appearance. Hope this helps xVous can buy this in any store boots.

    • Model_England_UK says:

      I use a toner every cent of the time. You must use the Aveda shampoo purple blue and / or conditioner, it is the best and really worth the money, they sell in stores Selfridges.Il works really well the first time, but if you really want to ashy 3-4 times. When you used the bottle, it will be very ashes blonde.L packaging looks like this: Shampoo: http://i. PriceRunner. com/prod/8_14_9_3_i185219974s/300×300/product. jpegClimatiseur: http://www. StrawberryNet. com/images/products/08751174344. jpgx

    • PAiGEH PoP says:

      I use shampoo Purple Lorenzo called his money. because mine is changing your hair color than silver canceling all Yelloyness / brassyness my hair was a pale yellow at first Now, I swear its all money at the end of just three wash. . . washing first half was about the 2nd 3rd most n all that. and I recommend you use a toner cartridge every 2-3 weeks to make sure it does not melt in this ugly yellow color.

    • ♥VJ♥ says:

      Certainly not use the purple shampoo every day. My hairdresser advised me not to use more than twice a week to brighten my blond. And a shampoo for colored hair evenly between the two. x

    • Margart Lobdell says:

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