• Will scar tissue from my belly piercing EVER go away?

    I have scar tissue on my belly button from my piercing I got this November (http://tinypic. com/view. php?pic=2akjt5t – here’s a picture) and it will not go away, no matter what I do! I’ve tried sea salt soaks, vitamin e oil, washing it with the dial soap, and even H20cean (I’ve also done the neosporin and the hydrogen peroxide which I know is a no no) – NOTHING will reduce the size of my scar tissue- the vitamin e oil worked on my top hole, but now I have a HUGE bubble on the bottom- since I took that picture I have gotten a longer ring, by the way. Right now, I’m only using the H2Ocean, but all it’s doing is drying it out and making it flaky.

    Should I just leave it be? Will this EVER go away?
    So you’re saying to take it out? But it will close up if I do that- I’ve only had it for 6 months. For one, it hurts like hell to take it out/put a new one in, and say I do take it out to put vitamin e- oil on it, since the oil takes so much time to absorb, when I go to put my ring back in it has a very hard time going back in and only ends up irritating it and making it really red. The redness around my piercing has faded, and I’m going to try and take a shower and whipe off all the dried off flakes and see if it has gotten any smaller because of the H20, but for now, I think I might let it be for a month other than washing it- if it doesn’t fade, then should I try the soaks and oils again? Cause I mean, it can take a year to heal.

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    8 thoughts on “Will scar tissue from my belly piercing EVER go away?

    • MMM17 says:

      The best thing to do is to take out your ring and continue with the vitamin e oil. over time it will naturally reduce, but with these added treatments and time, the scar tissue should fade.

    • princess12wannab says:

      You can give your belly button a break. Maybe 2 weeks or even one month. The hole won’t disappear don’t worry. Anyways, don’t wear the piercing for a certain amount of time and try curing it. Try vaseline or vitamin e oil, but be sure to sanitize it before applying those products. If that doesn’t work, leave it alone and stay away from piercings.

    • leftyjohnthegodofgames says:

      scar tissue rarely completely disappears but with become smooth and closer to the same skin tone as that surrounding over time.

    • thesoapgoatsoapshop says:

      Try using Emu Oil.

    • nymphetamine1978 says:

      Stop taking it in and out! If you’re removing it to use vitamin E oil, you’re just going to irritate it more. Irritation is what is causing your scar tissue. The longer bar will help (as long as it isn’t too long – you don’t want it getting snagged on things).
      Do a sea salt soak once a day. No other cleaning (over cleaning or cleaning with the wrong products will cause irritation). It’s going to take time for it to calm down. Stop putting stuff on it. The redness should go away after a week or two. Once that’s taken care of, you can try asprin paste to help with the scar (it works for some people, not for others). don’t try it until the redness is gone though.

    • Kelly S says:

      What you have is a common thing called a keloid. I have had numerous piercings and my belly button has been pierced 6 times for numerous reasons. Keep it washed with soap and water, Stop touching it and doing so much crap with it and it will heal eventually on its own. Do not put a long bar in it , maybe use a ring for awhile so it doesn’t get tugged on anything.

    • Em F says:

      idk. . . . don’t have one

    • Ky says:

      I got mine done and after 3 weeks I lost the bottom ball and it fell out. Do not listen when people say the hole won’t close up, unless you’ve had yours long enough to completely be healed the hole will close in about an hour!
      I have two dark pink dots on my belly button from the piercings, and I have a bad feeling they’re not going to go away.They feel thick when I push on them so I can tell it would hurt to ever get it repierced.

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