• How long does it take for reef dark sun tan oil to work 10 points?

    So i bought some Reef dark sun tan oil with no SPF protection and i’m just wondering how long i will have to be in the sun before there is a noticeable change i tan fairly easily without using any products if that helps (:

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    5 thoughts on “How long does it take for reef dark sun tan oil to work 10 points?

    • justanotherdick57 says:

      Hard to say. You need to get out it the sun for a day at least.

    • Juli says:

      Sun tan Oil ‘s are made to provide the lustrous skin glaze that accents muscle definition and enhances tanning, while protecting and moisturizing sunbathers. Mostly a suntan product includes a sunscreen rated with a sun protection factor (SPF) number. Skin that has already tanned under the sun needs less protection than skin that is exposed at the beach for the first time. Here are a few tips to get applied

      You should apply the product early. Suntan oil must be applied at least 30 minutes before solar exposure, and some suntan ingredients need an entire hour to absorb into the skin.

      Apply it in recommended amounts. If according to product label you are instructed to apply two ounces of a six-ounce bottle that means you need to use one-third of the bottle for each application.

      Reapply the suntan as often as necessary. Perspiring, swimming and time in the sun all factor into how long the sunscreen protection lasts. Read the instructions to find out how soon to reapply after sunbathing, swimming or active play. The time sun tan oil will take to show effects depends on type and complexion of your skin. It may take a day to a week before proper results can be seen.

    • ledin privott says:

      You got me. . . I find this. http://digbeaut. com/312608/tanning-oil

    • Harold Green says:

      Self tanning products are used most often by those who are aware of the health riscks of lying in the sun all day. Tanning salons aren’t the best option either because they are expensive or because they give you the look of being baked. These products offer you a less expensive, safer and faster way to get that healthy tan look. Keep reading for more information on the possibilities availability for self tanning products.

      If you have dry skin, you may choose to go with a self tanning type of lotion containing skin moisturizers. The better products of this type give you a tan that is very natural looking. Since some have moisturizers built into it, then if needed you could save on using your regular lotion. Of course the effect is not permanent, and you’ll have to put these lotions on each day. You should also be aware that these lotions have a gradual effect, so if you need an instant tan, they aren’t the best choice. You can, however, achieve a very nice looking tan, over time, and your skin will be assured of retaining moisture. But if gradual is just too slow for you, not a problem, then you’ll want to look at the instant skin bronzers. They come packaged in different forms: bronzing creams, powders, and lotions. The thing to remember about bronzers is they will wash off quickly and easily; and they may either work for you, or not. Do keep that one thing in mind before you go for a swim while wearing the bronze tan. They are quick solutions for those times when you need it for a temporary reason. Ok, so if you want a great looking tan all year round, then the bronzer is definitely not what you need.

      Since these are synthetic products, we feel it is a good idea for you to at least read the label before buying. If you have allergies, or are sensitive to any particular chemicals, you should make sure they aren’t included in the product you’re buying. Do you want orange skin? Right, we didn’t think so. Be sure to read the directions for use! You’ll probably need a little time so you can get a good feel for how your skin colors. Going in the other direction with removal is not the same as putting on. If these products have any side effects, they should be listed on the bottle or spray can. Before you take the plunge with any self tanning product, it is good to check for side effects because people are different. It’s really not practical to try all the various self tanning creams and lotions out there. You may color differently from other people, and because of that it’s hard to know which is the right one for you to use. If you can be patient, you will find something eventually that looks really good on you. Our information presented on self tanning products is solid, and you can use it to begin your search for that great tan.

    • Gregg Chiarini says:

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