• How long do i leave hot oil treatment on my hair for?

    I’m going to use hot oil later as my hair’s become very dry and i was wondering is there a specific amount of time it has to be left on for?
    Its homemade there is no information pack, i think i would of had the brains to read it if there was one.

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    4 thoughts on “How long do i leave hot oil treatment on my hair for?

    • snuggie96 says:

      yes actually there is a certain amount of time that you leave it in but it also depends on how dry your hair is if it really really dry leave it in for about 30-40 min. but if it’s not that dry try 20 min hoped i helped

    • puchhki says:

      yes you can keep it for 20 min. not more than that. oil shud not be too much hot, otherwise roots becomes damaged

    • Angela M says:

      I think that it states on the pack that you need to leave it in for around three minutes. I’m going on memory here, why don’t you read the pack???

    • kangol'N'curls says:

      I use extra virgin olive oil for my hot oil treatments. There isn’t really a specific amount of time you leave it on. If my hair is extremely dry then I put some in my hair and put on a shower cap and leave it in overnight so it can really penetrate my hair strands. Other than that I usually massage it in my hair and scalp for about 5 minutes and then shampoo/condition. It’s hard to get it all out though, so when I’m done there’s still some oil in my hair but that’s okay because my hair is dry anyway. it does give it a nice shine afterwards.

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