• How long did you use bio oil for before you started to see results?

    I’ve been using it for a week and Im really upset I can’t see any difference :(. It’s nearly summer and I have stretch marks on my knees, they red too so it really bugs me. I also have a scar on my arm from when I was in secondary school. We sprayed deodorant on our arms and it scarred. I thought the scars was cool but I hate it now. I know you’re meant to use it for three months, Im really impatient! How long did you use it before you noticed changes?

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    5 thoughts on “How long did you use bio oil for before you started to see results?

    • elizabeth nguyen says:

      you just answered your own question, you’re suppose to see results within three months, it’s only been a week, you can’t expect to work right away like that. scars are really hard and tough to get rid of. it’s winter at the moment, not near summer. . . by the way.

    • lilly of the valley says:

      why don’t you try vitamin e capsules? simply pierce the capsule and spread on scarred area ,make sure it is natural vitamin e
      it definitely works,

    • Inverted Saint says:

      Urgh, that’s what I want to know! I’ve got hideous stretch marks on my inner thighs and under my butt and I’ve been using this thing called Re-Gen Oil (got conned into buying it – long story short, was in a rush at the supermarket and the packaging is incredibly similar to bio oil) every, like, 3 days. I would apply it twice every day as instructed but I hate the oily consistency and the time it takes to dry (I don’t have time in the morning). I heard that it’s about 4 months before you see any results but I think if you apply it liberally and often plus massage it in well then you should see results quicker. I’ve been told that weight loss plus keeping the area well-moisturised also speeds up fading time. Some people get tans to make them less obvious and others get surgery to attempt to remove them. My best advice is that you just stick with Bio-Oil and soon enough you’ll see results.

      The bad news is that stretch marks are scars and they are permanent . . . but don’t worry, they will fade and become like white ghosts of the past.

    • Koko says:

      it took about 4-6 months before i noticed that it made a difference on mine but it made an incredible difference!(and mine were very very bad) so it does take a lot longer than one week ( i mean come on be serious, nothing works in one week!) but if you keep using it religiously after every shower it will make a big dif by summer.
      By the way summer begins in May so its not nearly summer at all, its a full 5 months away.

    • JTF says:

      Koko, some people do live in the southern hemisphere, where summer occurs in what you are considering the winter months.

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