• Is it ok to dye my hair while it has mousse/product in it?

    Last night after I showered I put curling mousse in my hair and hairspray in it this morning.

    I am planning to dye my hair tonight (at home). Just wondering if its OK to dye it with the hair product in, or should I rinse out my mousse/hairspray first? I’ve heard you aren’t supposed to wash your hair right before coloring.

    Thank you.

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    7 thoughts on “Is it ok to dye my hair while it has mousse/product in it?

    • s.dacosta2 says:

      your hsouldnt dye it with ANY hair product in your hair. just wash it and ait until it is fully dry then dye it

    • Jade B says:

      You should just rinse it out with water, as it might affect how well the colour sets in your hair. You dont need to wash it with shampoo & conditioner but just make sure you rinse with warm water.

    • apartment_amanda says:

      As long as you brush you hair and try to get most of the product out, you should be fine. It is best to dye your hair when it isn’t clean.
      I color my hair and have done it in the evenings after I have used product during the day.

      YOu should be fine!!!:)

    • demonboy says:

      read the instructions on the moose bottle because some of the stuff u put in ur hair ur not allowed to mix with other bottles because it can turn ur hair into a color u dont want it to be

    • Selly Belly says:

      Yea you shouldnt wash your hair before you colour but you also shouldnt have products like mousse etc in your hair either. Hair products like mousse or hair gel etc all dry out your hair and can leave it in a bad condition when left in for to long, all those products are bad for hair and so is dying, Its not a very good idea to wash or have products in your hair before you dye it BUT if u really cant wait an extra day to dye your hair i suggest you RINSE out the mousse in your hair GENTLY without using any shampoo etc. . .
      Im a hair dresser and this is what we have been advised to do in a salon.
      Good Luck.

    • Aimeeeee says:

      wash the products out, but only with water. freshly shampooed and conditioned hair can have bad effetcs on hair dye. . . like it wont stick to your hair as well as what it does on unclean hair.

    • ♥MJ™ says:

      no way, nope, uh-uh.

      take all products out of ur hair
      before u put any dye in it. it
      could really affect thaa dying
      process, trust me. .
      u dont wanna do that, lol [[:

      good luck XD

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