• How to make your hair thick and make them fall out less?

    i am only 23 y o and i am currently experiencing this crazy hair loss. I mean dont get me wrong I have a lot of hair on my head but I see I am losing relativly a lot too and I noticed they became very thin. I tried to take different kind of vitamins, use expensive doctor recommended shampoos and I am not experiencing any eating disorders. I am pretty healthy overall but I have this problem. I do stress a lot and mainly over lil junk but man it cant be such a major reason to cause this kind of hair behavior. I heared there is a vitamin or some oil people use for their hair and makes it stronger and healthier looking and it apparently same thing that they put in a food for horses so their fur and hair grows right. Have anyone heared anything about that?

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    10 thoughts on “How to make your hair thick and make them fall out less?

    • Angela A says:

      nope. but volume shampoo might work.

    • justme says:

      i dont know but if you find out tell me , my hair falls out all the time

    • bowler_j says:

      Folligen or Tricomin products contain Ghk-Cu copper peptides that help increase the scalp’s blood supply. This helps you to maintain your hair and maybe grow new thicker hair.

      However, male pattern baldness is not something that can really be avoided. If that is what you have, there may be little you can do to stop it in the long run.

      I have tried copper peptides on my hair and have seen improvement. It is documented in two of links below.

    • taz c says:

      Try Regaine.

    • fiddlegirl says:

      Usually it isn’t anything to worry about, but if your’e really worried, collect every hair that falls out one day and take them to your doctor, s/he can tell you if you need to be worrying.

      Good Luck!

    • Heat says:

      I am 23 and I am having the same problem. My dermatologist told me to take more vitamins but it has not helped. I just started trying to eat healthier to see if it helps. Good luck.

    • Savannah says:

      theres nothing you can do.

      sounds like you might have alopecia most people get it from being stressed.

      my friend had it shortly after giving birth to her son. she lost half her hair and it went really thin.
      after six months it went back to normal again and its back as thick as it was before.

      she tryed so many different things and nothing worked.

      my advice is
      try not to worry too much.
      if something is stressing you out an a regular basis remove it from you life if you can.

    • sparkle says:

      The only medication proven to grow hair is minoxidil. This is applied to the scalp. There is also a pill, but only men can take that. However, before you try looking for cures, you should be diagnosed by a physician. There are illness that can cause hair to fall out. The doctor would also want to know about the pattern of hairloss. Good luck

    • D H says:

      the average person loses approx 100 hairs a day if you have long hair this can be poor due to to the stress put on it every day with brushing washing blow drying etc, scalp massage can help with hair growth as well any hairdresser will do this for you and try to get less stressed you hair is worth it

    • beaker says:

      I have thining hair and went to see a dermotologist about it. All he recommended was regaine (apparently it is the only thing on the market that may work), so that may prevent any further hair loss.

      I would suggest a good thickening product, Lancome have a good volumising spray but it is expensive compared to others. Also using a nuetral eyeshadow on your scalp can make your hair look thicker (your scalp can reflect light which makes your hair look thinner). Hope this helps

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