• How much would it cost to get my hair stripped from dyed dark brown, to go blonde in the hairdressers?

    I färbte my hair black and now also its come out and my hair are dark-brown. I want GET it bleached blond, how much you rden to think, these wà ¼ into hairdressers Kosten to do? I live in the northwest of England, if that makes a difference! DankIm average I means! I have to bleach tried, before she approximately one year ago and it went to ginger and like straw, but also other humans seemed able to be to do it!

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    5 thoughts on “How much would it cost to get my hair stripped from dyed dark brown, to go blonde in the hairdressers?

    • Shanna says:

      Please don’t bleach blonde you hair. It is bad for your hair and looks unatural. Try strikes three colors through out your hair. A few layers and there you have it celeberty hair.

    • hairbender says:

      Why do you ask us here? I live in North America. … I do not have notion, which the prices are in your Nähe. If you know somewhat möchten, mà ¼ you ssen yourselves go and asking the source. If you want, for which prices ask, then you in the salon you visit. Everyone has different prices, so that the one on the Straà Ÿ e can be different. They mà ¼ ssen in order to ask. Ask not someone, but humans, those tatsächlich into the shop. They will know, and you will know that you the exact price to have, as Vermutung.Wenn you used coloring material on your hair forwards, you may do never more loosely. Coloring material is only fà ¼ r of materials, and it is not good really on the hair. They should appropriate hair colors. Depending on, which you uses, you must see the hair to Kolorist know whether she can remove the dark color, and whether they want the light blond you. It cannot be möglich. Ask first.

    • wooohoo says:

      I own a salon in scotland and it would depend on the condition of your hair

      We usually charge around £70 to strip the hair and then bleach it

      If you want to opt for a cheaper option strip your hair yourself using rusk elimin8
      http://www. rusk1. com/products/elimin8. asp
      here is the website to tell you all you need to know about this product.

      I would recommend to go and see a hair stylist for bleaching your hair.

    • mama.toangel says:

      your hair will not go blonde, even if you used all the bleach in the world!! in order to keep the condition healthy, you would need to gradually lighten the colour, so by gong through th orange stage but they should use a toner to take the orange away and give You a dark blonde look then the next time you can have it a few more shade’s lighter and then the 3rd time, have hi-lights, i’t takes longer, but is worth it in the long run, this is colour correction!! it is pricey, because there is a lot of work involved, if doneproperly, it;s worth it i think about, 80 quid!! use lots of conditioner after!

    • Weiner says:

      You cannot do it! I have exactly the same! Does it cost me 110 pounds, and I left the salon looking exactly the same as I did, and it just dead tired my hair. youre gunna have to wait and grow from them.

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