• How do hairdressers make your hair smooth and silky?

    After i’ve had a haircut my hair is usually soft and smooth but when i wash it it goes back to how my hair was?

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    5 thoughts on “How do hairdressers make your hair smooth and silky?

    • GuardianAngel, says:

      Wash Your Hair In Olive oil once a week, (only use a table spoon)

    • eli says:

      they use good quality products and they will blow-dry your hair to be that way

    • Jenny says:

      Its all down to product and a good blow dry. You could try using a deep conditioning treatment once a week to improve the health of your hair. Then to style, you could try using a bit of serum and ensuring that when you blow dry your hair you angle the stream of air down the length of your hair to keep the hair cuticles flat. This will reduce frizz and aid a smoother look.

    • sunlightsky says:

      We always use top hair products first of all, that’s part of what you are paying for in salon.
      Hair is thoroughly rinsed after being washed ensuring no products remain in the hair.
      Hair is dried usually with the correct choice of brush to help smooth and close down the cuticle.
      Blast drying your hair only can leave it looking and feeling swollen and bushy, so finishing with a brush helps prevent this.
      If a hot tool is used ie straighteners, this also adds smoothness and a sleek finish.
      To finish and add sheen yourself you could try using goldwell jewel shimmer .
      I hope this has helped. Practise makes perfect, and never be afraid to ask your hairstylist for tips.
      They should be advising you on the aftercare of your hair anyhow.

    • G says:

      good shampoo and products and moisturiser and stuff.

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