• How can I change the direction of the roots of the hair on my fringe?

    The roots of hair that goes on to become my fringe when my hair grows has change direction? Instead of growing straight, 3 quartes if the hair that would go on to become ny fringe has started growing to the right and the rest of the roots that would go on to become my fringe grow slightly to the left? It looks stupid,even when I get my hair shaved really short? How can I change the direction of the roots, so they grow straight? I’m male by the way.

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    5 thoughts on “How can I change the direction of the roots of the hair on my fringe?

    • Surfergirl says:

      your fringe?? what is that. . . sorry i can’t help u cuz i don’t know what in the world you are talking about. . . but gel can cure anything.

    • shannonlee05 says:

      u (and everyone) has to “train” their hair to go the way they want. when it starts to grow out constantly keep brushing ur hair the direction u want it to grow and eventually it will grow that way! i used to have to do that with my sons hair! it was insanely THICK and he has 12 callics (sp) on his head that made it go 12 different directions lol! i brushed it constantly and FINALLY it was trained in the same direction , now that he is 15 and a rocker (lol) he prefers his head shaved and i told him whenever he decides to grow it hes gonna hafta retrain it! lol! but that is what is guaranteed to work! GL

    • LINDSEY M says:

      you cant change the direction. that is just the way your hair is but wet it and use a hair dryer just on low, while useing the dryer keep flattening it your fingers wel see if it helps

    • albi says:

      you need to train your hair to go the way you want it to. when wet comb it the way you want it to go. or if your sitting at home depending on the length of your hair, place a clip in it holding it in that direction (know it may be embarrasing). or my boyfriend uses dax, it holds really well.

    • Daljeet says:

      How i change roots of my front hair of head…..

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