• Hair style suggestions please for an overweight 56 year old?

    My hair is currently just past shoulder length and I’m not sure how short, or what style to get it cut into. It’s also very very fine.

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    11 thoughts on “Hair style suggestions please for an overweight 56 year old?

    • retox says:

      Try a bob, just past your ears. Make sure you have some layers put in and have a good hairdresser do the job – it’s all in the cut particularly if you have fine hair. Make sure the colour is right too. A bob is great, it’s smart and easy to manage. When you don’t feel like spending ages on it, just put it behind your ears and hey presto, you have a short hair style. As I said, the key is getting a good cut – a bob that tapers in at the bottom – a bob with a modern edge rather than the old fashioned bob. Go for it.

    • VERECORAZON. says:

      well just curl your hair if it’s past your shoulders or make a cute ponytail

    • lilmissdisorganised says:

      Have it cut like your avatar

    • neateye108 says:

      :-) its hard to tel. . . as a hairstyle also depends on the shape of your face.
      Why don’t you ask your salon for ideas. . . sorry i’m not very helpful

    • Linda V says:

      Longer hair on us “more mature” ladies. . . is aging. Get a “bob” cut to around chin length. . it will give the hair a thicker appearance and. . . . add some highlights for the illusion of thicker hair and dimension. . . . and watch your calorie intake. . . being overweight is really unhealthy. . . . you are more susceptible to diabetes, heart problems and certain cancers. . . you are still young, so take of yourself for God’s sake!

    • girlinchairnext says:

      hi as a salon owner and stylist, its great to hear from the mature women, and most of my clients are, however your weight does not come into the factor, a bob is always good but either an a line bob or a choppy one, but it should always be the style you choose and do not be bullied into a style that takes a lot of looking after, pity you could not send a head and shoulders pic as I would run it through my salons computer to see what suited you best, and forget the weight thing


    • istylista says:

      Hi – It depends very much on your face and body shape. For instance, if you have a square or oblong shaped face then you should stay away from angular cuts and try to soften your features. But if you have a very round face or oval face then you can experiment more with angular cuts. If you are overweight then short hairstyles will only emphasise this – opt for medium to longer styles. If you want to find out some more information about what styles suit you, what clothes to wear for your body shape, colours that suit you etc then come and register at www. iStylista. com, your virtual personal stylist. You can register for now and when invited in take the trial for free and it’ll take you just minutes. Obviously if you want more information then you can select one of 2 paid for packages.


    • NIGEL R says:

      have your hair cut shorter like a cute bob and have some volume to it with some curls if your hair is flat to your face it will just make your face look rounder, hope i didn,t sound insulting

    • gomcy81 says:

      I found these sites good for hair and beauty. Check them out hope you will find your answer.

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    • Denise says:

      I think a graduated chin length bob is a good idea. It suits your age group whilst still remaining young looking and with-it. Also you can wear it a couple of ways. Why not try one of these sites out:-
      www. thehairstyler. com
      www. makeoversolutions. com
      where you can see what sort of hairstyle will really suit you before you take the plunge.
      Hope this helps and have a nice evening

    • Lily says:

      Medium haircut is better for you, check here (http://www.prohaircut.com/medium_haircut.htm) for more inspiration, or you can try more different haircuts here (http://www.prohaircut.com/hairmakeover/) virtually for free.

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