• What hair dye color should I use to get a dark, rich chocolate brown?

    My hair has been dyed multiple times, and is currently a medium brown. I have used a chocolate brown hair dye before, but it never seems to give me the results I want. What color should I do?

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    4 thoughts on “What hair dye color should I use to get a dark, rich chocolate brown?

    • I love Frank the Entertainer :] says:

      oooooohhh, that sounds nicee!!! ♥

    • Louise says:

      Maybe your hair is stubborn to colour.
      Try a darker shade or leave it in for longer
      Dont use a to dark shade or your hair will go black

      I wanted the same shade and mine worked

    • malaciousmaria says:

      Go and get it done. Professional color typically lasts longer than at home color due to the fact that it’s more potent, and the stylist can tell you how to keep it in. I use Aveda color conserve, and my sister uses Redkin color preserve or something. Both work quite well.

    • RoseBud says:

      If you want exactly perfect color you need to have a hairdresser do it. They have access to a lot of colors they can mix together to get the exact right shade. Basically, they are going to have to look at what color you have now and figure out exactly what to add to it to get the color you want. It’s not as easy as just buying a box of chocolate brown hair color.

      I had this same problem about a year ago. I had medium brown hair with too much red in it for my taste. I tried myself a bunch of times using what I thought was the right color and it never ended up like I wanted it to. It always looked good but not perfect. I had a hairdresser do it. She took about 4 hours, consulted with another hairdresser, mixed up a couple of colors, ruminated about permanent vs. demi-permanent because one will fade different than the other, spent about 1/2 hour considering what mix of green or purple undertones would balance everything, consulted some book and then did it. The final result was flawless. It was exactly perfect. It also cost me over $200 and probably no one but me or her would even notice the difference between that and what I had before unless I said “Hey, does my hair look different?”

      So, there you go. If you need it perfect go see a hairdresser. If good enough is ok then buy a box of chocolate brown hair color and be willing to accept it being 90% right.

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