• What color should I dye to get rid of the green tint in my hair?

    Well, I got highlights yesterday at the salon and they totally messed my hair up. There is a bit of forest green in my hair. I do not want to waste anymore money going to another salon, so I just want to buy hair dye from the store. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to get rid of the green? HELPPPPPPPPP PLEASE!
    I forgot to add my highlights are blonde and the rest of my hair is the color of dark green/dark brown.

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    10 thoughts on “What color should I dye to get rid of the green tint in my hair?

    • tomorjerry says:

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    • i love eazye says:

      go to the salon that did your hair and demand that they fix it free of cost. . . you should have no problems

    • Christina says:

      you would have to go with a lot darker hair.
      dark brown or dark blonde.
      those would work best.
      just dont go with anything lighter.

    • Eisel says:

      Usually green in the hair means a lack of red in the hair.
      Try putting red over the streaks and dying it again, but yer go back to the salon! Thats a rip off.

    • Tha Hair Master says:

      what color is your highlights, i recommend getting some color remover at your local beauty supply store.
      with the color remover its a powder and you can mix it with your daily shampoo.

    • ytteb says:

      You must have brown hair get something with a red shade.
      stay away from anything ash.

    • north b says:

      Red or light brown will do it. Light brown actually uses a purple to color your hair. It works.

    • candycrystal says:

      You should return to the salon and ask to speak with the manager and explain what happened. Tell the manager when you got highlights the chemicals damaged your hair and cause it to have a green tint. Ask her to please fix the problem. More than likely it will be offered to correct the tint problem for free. If you are not sure if the service will be free; ask. It would probably be helpful if you were to take your receipt with you. This advice is what I would do!

    • R3B3KAH says:

      if you want your hair to be fixed the right way and NOT look crappier, then dont waste your money on cheap home coloring kits that never work. try a different salon.

    • OnLy ThE tRuTh says:

      go back to that salon and tell them u want ur hair the right way and do not pay for it if you dont wanna so that buy a brown NOT ash brown or ash anything (that will turn ur hair green) i would get a medium brown

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