• Need to dye my hair, will the chlorine wash it out if I go swimming?

    I’m going on holiday tomorrow and am dying my hair red (it’s already red but is fading into a horrible colour) so I need to re dye it, but my mum said the chlorine will most likely wash it out. . Will it?

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    4 thoughts on “Need to dye my hair, will the chlorine wash it out if I go swimming?

    • Little Star:) says:

      Well. . i dyed my hair a darker brown than it already was. .

      & Then i went swimming and it faded a little but as i only went once it wasn’t too much of a big problem.
      My friend dyed her hair blonde. . and after swimming a few times it went slightly green.
      I’m not sure on red though.

      Saying that i wanna dye my hair again before i go on holiday but i wonder if it will wash out from swimming in the sea!

    • Ex-ohhh Ex-ohhh says:

      If its temporary yeeeeees!!!!!
      I temp died my hair red and i went swimming and it was gone. haha

    • tinkerbellxkx says:

      hi, chlorine will make it fade slightly, but if u go swimming while its a faded red it will prob fade down to a pinky colour depending on how dark or light ur hair was before u dyed it (the lighter it was the pinker it will fade 2). u may be better off dying it so it dosnt fade to a horrible colour, but if ur hair was mid brown or darker i wouldnt worry 2 much as it will just go brown again.

    • ashxoffxthexwall says:

      no. otherwise people who dye their hair would never go swimming. if you dye it, then wait. . . a day or so, then it should be fine. Dye it today, and just let it do its thing. By tomorrow, you should be able to swim worry free. =]

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