• Is it better to dye your hair first and get it cut or the other way around?

    Because Im gonna dye my hair a dark almost black brown and Im gonna get it cut but im not sure which one to do first?

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    9 thoughts on “Is it better to dye your hair first and get it cut or the other way around?

    • xx_flipchick_xx says:

      dye then cut!
      that how they do it at professional salons

    • ShortbutAwesome says:

      Color then cut. . .

      I’ve been coloring and cutting my hair since the 5th grade. . . i’ve got some experience in this and my stylist always says that i should color it first. . .

    • Viktoria N says:

      dye then cut. . .

    • meleades says:

      When you dye your hair it can damage the ends, so don’t cut the ends off until after you color. If you cut it first you may have to trim it again after you color it anyway. Just so it doesn’t end up being damaged on the ends or to short. My hairstylist does it this way.

    • Lindsay says:

      dye it then cut it. just incase the dye gives you any dry or split ends, then the cut will take all of these off:)

      hope this helped:)

    • none n says:

      Color first, then cut.

      Some colors don’t always work well with some haircuts. . .

      And if you’re going to go dramatic with the dye, you might want to wait until you get used to how it looks before you cut it into a different style. . .

      Too much change at once in a shock to the system.

    • Mangakitty says:

      I went to a salon and the professionals did it dye then cut. If you make an appointment and tell them what you want it will turn out fabulous.

      Best of luck

    • Coco says:

      dye your hair then cut it.

    • olivia says:

      dye then cut
      you don’t want to have just got your hair cut and have dead ends!

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