• i want to dye my brown with bleach blonde highlights hair black without it going funny colours. Can i do this?

    I have brown hair with bleach blonde highlights and want to dye it bluey black without it going dodgy and having to go to the salon.

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    10 thoughts on “i want to dye my brown with bleach blonde highlights hair black without it going funny colours. Can i do this?

    • Savannah.Lynn says:

      I tried and it didn’t work at all. But idk your hair may be different

    • missy says:

      It will dye OK. but it may be uneven. .

      try leaving it in for the Max time that way it has lots of time to soak in :)

      but as it fades you may notice it fades more where your streaks are. .

    • Lushious☥☮♡☯✌ says:

      This will put allot of pressure on the hair but its best to dye your hair White to begin with as a clean pate then dye it the colours you want it for intense Colour.

    • Noe says:

      Could you clarify your question a little more? I’m not sure if it’s what you’re asking, but I get the impression that you have black hair and want to dye it brown so you can put blonde highlights in for a natural effect.

      Yes, it’s possible, keep in mind that the lighter you want your hair to turn out, the more product you may need, and the longer you may need to leave it in.

    • jdp12122000 says:

      You will possibly have to lift your black hair to a couple levels and then foil in the blonde with 30 or 40 volume developer mixed in with your lightener. It has to lift through several stages to go blonde, depending on how light you are attempting to go. The foil keeps the blonde streaks from getting onto the rest of the hair and causing spots or ‘leopard streaks’

      Go to a pro, or if you can’t afford one, go to a beauty school student and have them do your service. They discount their professional services, so you spend less than at a salon. And they are supervised by instructors.

    • mommy to be!!!! says:

      the black will fade out of the blonde before it fades from the brown. But seriously think twice before dying your hair black its really hard to go back to a lighter color if you decide that you dont want black hair anymore

    • Carandy1 says:

      Are you saying your hair is black now? Is it naturally black or has it been tinted black?
      First you need to know that tints do not lift or remove color, they only add or deposit color. So if your hair is currently black, your hair will not go brown with the application of a tint.
      There are so many variables- I really suggest you go to a professional to have this done, so that the damage can be kept to a minimum.
      If your hair is tinted black, the color will need to be stripped with a color remover. The parts you want blonde may have to be further stripped or bleached to remove the rest of the color. Through this process the cosmetologist should be continually testing your hairs elasticity to make sure your hair is handling the processes. The blonde may then have to filled with a base color then tinted or toned to the correct shade. The brown may need to be filled with a base color then tinted.
      If your hair is natural black “virgin hair” then the color can be lifted a couple of shades with a bleach then tinted.
      The health of your hair and previous chemical processes determine what strength of products needed.
      You say you want to “dye” your hair- dyes are used to change the color on fabrics and fibers. Tints are used to change the color on hair.

    • hairbender says:

      No, it won’t work too well. Black is a very difficult colour to do properly, and looks very bad on nearly everyone. A dark brown will suit you better, if you need it that dark. Black has a few dangerous and poisonous metals in it which is going to give you a lot of grief in the future. Be very careful what you are doing!!

      You just cannot put black on top of bleached hair and expect good results. That is not how hair colouring works. You need to understand what you are doing. I really suggest that you have a consultation with a qualified professional hair colourist who can do a proper analysis of your hair. This is normally no charge in most salons. Show them a pic of exactly what colour you want so they understand. Black means different things to different people. You need to have all the facts before doing something stupid. Black is the worst possible of all colours. . . you will see! You need to know for sure what will happen, and what you will look like, because you will not be able to get rid of it later. I’m just saying.

    • ^_^ says:

      The bleached hair now has no pigment (normally it would have orange/red pigment) so, lacking this, putting a black ontop will result in green as it fades, due to the red not being there to balance it out.

      Your easiest course of action would be to dye it red, then dye it black later on. Black is a pretty easy colour to achieve – it goes over anything. Its KEEPING it black where you will have problems because of your bleached highlights.

      So i’d advise dying it red, then dying it black like 4-6 weeks later. And invest in colour protect shampoo, and wash in cold water to maintain it. It will fade faster on the highlights, but as you re-dye it every 6-8 weeks it’ll slowly get better

    • RoseBud says:

      I agree with ^_^. She has the right answer (other than seeing a hairdresser). You need to dye it red first to fill in the bleached parts. If you just try to go black over bleached hair (your highlights) it is going to be weirdly green or flat or ugly in some other way. So, do a red first, even a semipermanent is fine. The do “black”. I’m also going to agree with the guy who said black is a really hard color to wear. It’s also a really hard (damn near impossible) color to get out. So, there is an excellent chance that the black won’t look good on you and that you will ruin your hair trying to get it out. If I were you I’d go with really dark brown first. Then, after a few months if you still want black you can always do black any time.

      Good luck!

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