• How much would it cost to dye your hair in a salon?

    I have a hairdresser who always cuts my hair at home and she did my hair very well. I want to dye my hair brown to medium blond. How much would it cost in a salon just to dye your hair, I could go to Andrew Price or something, but if it i expensive habit.

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    4 thoughts on “How much would it cost to dye your hair in a salon?

    • ZoeXD says:

      If they have a website it will tell you there. If it does not call you no longer have an appointment just to ask how much it will be.

    • sugar_x says:

      Any hair care too much for dyeing your hair. I had a trim and highlights, 2 colors, and it costs 70 pounds – is a well known hair everywhere else, there will be approximately 45 pounds in moins.Votre better off getting a home kit .

    • Meow says:

      It varies a lot. If you have highlights or low lights that will cost about 20-30 other hand, may be more expensive depending on whos doing it (Barber normal ect Artistic Director) Full dying head, will cost about 70 quid sometimes . Its more economical to use your own kit Superdrug or boots:) xx

    • Hana xx says:

      although they do some hairdressers night model, which is the case for all workers in training can cut or die your hair your 1st DW not there before they charge so much less cherJ’espère + sound that helped:) xxx

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