• how long does it take for black dye to wash out of your hair?

    so i dyed my hair, it was suposed to be dark brown but turned out black. the box says it washes out in 6 weeks, if i wash my hair everyday will it fade? ad will it just fade to gray? is it worth trying to dye it brown over the black? helllppppp

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    3 thoughts on “how long does it take for black dye to wash out of your hair?

    • Kylie says:

      You cant dye a lighter colour once you already have the darker colour in. But if you want to get the colour you have in it now out you can go to a chemist and get colour stripper. I have used it myself to get rid of some big mistakes lol once you put the colour stripper on I’d wait for about a week before you put the brown dye in just so you don’t wreck your hair shaft. Also if you don’t want to buy the colour stripper a good way to get the colour out is to use dish washing Liquid in to wash your hair I know it sounds weird but it will take the colour out a lot quicker then regular shampoo. Good luck =)

    • Beki M says:

      It depends whether it is permanent or semi-permanent. I dyed mine black with a permanent dye once and it didn’t wash away! I had to have it bleached out at the hairdressers :S

      In any case I would leave it the 6 weeks and it may have faded. I wouldn’t advise you washing your hair everyday because it will wash away all the natural oils and your hair will probably go really dry!

      I would say that trying to put another dye on top would be pretty useless (not to mention a waste of money), to go from dark to light you generally have to have your hair lightened first.

      If after the 6 weeks it hasn’t faded and you do want to go lighter I would really advise to get it done professionally, I tried to do it myself once and my hair went orange!

      Hope this helped :)

    • kitty burke says:

      Yes the more you wash it the more it will fade, and no it won’t fade to grey, it will slowly show the original colour of your hair.
      But be warned about over washing your hair. You have already processed it and excessive washing will strip it of all natural moisture and condition.

      I am assuming it is a semi permanent dye you have used. And if it is there estimate of it lasting as long as 6 weeks is over optimistic!

      Don’t dye it again yet, wash it daily and use a good conditioner. It will soon fade.

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