• How long do i wait before i dye my hair again?

    How long do you have to wait to dye your hair again? Just dyed my hair and it didnt go as light as i wanted it to go. Can i dye my hair again in about a day without having anything happen to my hair, such as going orange.
    Also which brand would people recommend cause i have used garnier and i dont know if that is good or not for covergae/length of cover
    Thanks in advance

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    8 thoughts on “How long do i wait before i dye my hair again?

    • Ms. says:

      i would wait if i were you, or see a professional stylist. actually seeing a professional is probably the only solution. .

    • Allah A says:

      When your roots start to show as a different color, in about a month you can re-dye your hair.

    • vickky(: says:

      at least a week. (:

    • Kate H says:

      Its obviously not good to dye your hair again so soon but generally it doesnt go wrong what you can do is wash your hair a few times so the colour doesnt mix with the new one.


    • coco jo says:

      2 weeks

    • hairbender says:

      You can’t “dye” hair lighter! Dye is for fabrics, and can only add colours and make things darker and deeper in shades. You can never get lighter with a dye. It is not often used on hair, and really is not that great.

      You are talking about a bleach that lightens hair. That is all you can do to hair: lighten, and darken. ALL tints you use will have bleach in them, to remove your own colour and replace it with the artificial pigments.

      All tint you use will ALWAYS do what they are supposed to do. The product is not at fault — it is the person using them incorrectly that makes all the trouble.

      It sounds like you want to get a lot lighter. So you need to to it in two steps: bleach first, and then colour. A tint will lighten only about 2 shades. . . you need to do it in two steps after that.

      You can do it almost immediately. Since you will get roots and more problems if you leave it longer, you need to do it now, or use special techniques later.

      I suggest having a consultation with a professional hair colourist, before doing anything else. Tell them what you want, and they will explain how it needs to be done. They may have a suggestion for better products, or you may not be approaching it in the right way altogether. Without seeing your hair, we just can’t tell from here what you need.

    • MF Steph NC says:

      You can actually dye your hair right after if you want but, I suggest you wait a day or 2 just to give your hair a break from all of the chemicals. As for a brand, I use the ION brand (you can find it at beauty supply stores) but, I only recommend using it if you have plenty of knowledge on hair coloring bc it is a professional hair coloring brand. All though the best thing to do to get that exact color you want is to find a trusted hair colorist who has plenty of experience, and consult with her/him and then make an appointment.

    • Diva777 says:

      wait two weeks. . . exactly. on that 14th day you can head to sally’s and get “dark and lovely” in the shade you want. . . be careful because its inteded for african american hair it turns a little lighter than it does on the box. esp if your hair is already lightened. . . thats the only color i use to die my hair. . . b. c it gets even the darkest of my browns. or go with L’oreal. (if your unsure about the other one)

      esp. with light colors. i’ve been dying and bleaching my hair since 4th grade & im 20 now.
      going lighter means using certain amounts of bleach, depending one your hair texture (everyones is different) your hair can become brittle and litterally break off if strong amounts of bleach are used within too short amount of time. . . or it can turn green or orange. . it makes your hair ‘elasticy’ and when using hair elastics and brushing that makes your hair rip.

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