• How can I dye my hair like Karen Gillan (Amy Pond)?


    I just broke up with my boyfriend. I want to feel like I’m cutting my old life off and all that. I have a hair dying appointment already, pre-break up to dye my hair red. But I havn’t noted a shade.

    I want my hair the same as Karen Gillan (Amy Pond from Dr Who) but what shade should I ask for?

    Thanks :)

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    4 thoughts on “How can I dye my hair like Karen Gillan (Amy Pond)?

    • Elle Phillip <3 says:

      Just take in a picture of her and let your hairdresser choose the appropriate shade =]

    • Alice says:

      Your hairdresser should know if you ask her . Or take in a picture. . .
      Hope it help

    • Hey there Man says:

      I love her hair SO much! I want her hair too. :)

      I say just take a picture of her to your hair appointment and your hair dresser will look at the shade charts and choose the most similar one, she’ll ask you if that’s okay before she does anything though so if you feel like you want it a bit darker or lighter or redder you can just say.

      Hope this helps. :)

    • Rachel Crossworthy says:

      Have a look at the colour books.
      Or take in a photo and ask wich colour you can have

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