• Dyed my hair yesterday and it turned out orange blonde. hate it! How soon can I dye again?

    I was going for a light brown not orange!

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    5 thoughts on “Dyed my hair yesterday and it turned out orange blonde. hate it! How soon can I dye again?

    • barbie thursday says:

      my personal opinion first,
      get it dyed professionally this time
      secondly wait about 3 days otherwise your hair will get SO damaged you won’t even believe.

    • VA B says:

      This happened to my friend. Depending on texture, you can go in two weeks. I would recommend 4-6 weeks. And spend a bloody hell of time conditioning your hair before and after the coloring. You’re going to have some serious damage.

    • :) says:

      You could try a light brown rinse it only coats the hair with color and won’t cause any further damage.

    • msthangy1 says:

      Cosmetologist of 25 years here!!
      Get that hiney of yours to your stylist!! Do not listen to a non professional and expect them to know what your hair texture is like, what you have been using, what products you are currently using at home. . . . You just are not going to get good results.
      Your orange came from not using a strong enough product for your hair. The Box can only lift so many levels. . . and store box is crap!! Very high Ph. . strips all the moisture out and just is not predictable.
      Go to your stylist for the best results!!
      Hope my answers are helpful and understand. . . they are truthful and real according to what I see every day. . . for 25 years now!!

    • nstarr88 says:

      I wanted to put sum blonde streaks in hair but my hair is natural dark brown,so it came out orange,i saved the rest of the blonde hair dye that I used cause I didnt use all of it.How soon can I re-dye my hair without damaging it.I have very thick hair also.I really dont want to have to wait a while to re-dye my hair.I want these streaks that I put in my hair last night to be blonde and not orange.And I really dont have a lot of patience,so when can i r-dye the streaks that I already did last night.

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