• Do you think a 13 year old should be allowed to dye her hair semi-permanetly?

    i want to dye my hair darker, semi permanently, (it comes out in 8 washes). I have done it before and my mum did it for me, but this time she isnt letting me do it and its holidays ! does this make sence to you? do you think i should be allowed to ?

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    11 thoughts on “Do you think a 13 year old should be allowed to dye her hair semi-permanetly?

    • Lydia says:

      yes you should definitely be allowed to. . especially if it holidays. tell her that she let you do it before she should let you do it again

    • BeaR says:

      Yes. I dyed my hair permanently when I was. . . 9 :P I’m a guy though. . .

      Though those semi-permanent ones sometimes don’t work how they say. My dad dyed his hair black it was hilarious and supposed to come out in 4 washes, didn’t come out for like half a month.

      But ultimately, don’t dye your hair too many times, it gets gross. A few times never hurts though its fun :D

    • its just me says:

      im 21 and i regret so much for dyeing my beautiful hair they will never get the nature color as they use to be . . . u know what 13 is still to young your mom is right and its all for ur goods :P

    • Barnt Bodrero says:

      haha idk its up to your mombut its your hair. . .

    • Mistress Vape says:

      if she let you do it before then there is a reason why she wont let you do it again. her friends probably said something or she heard something bad about it after. she is your mother. do what she says out of respect. talk to her about it without fighting and tell her you respect her decision. just saying those words can open doors to other things.

    • Diana says:

      Yes you should i dye my hair and im 14 right now i dyed it red, then burgundy (purple redish color) and i dyed it black for my freshman year :) my mom doesnt really care. . .

    • jasey rae says:

      Yeah of course! One of my friends first dyed her hair in like fifth grade and still doing it to this day, and she’s a frosh now.

    • Sur La Mer says:

      The earlier you start experimenting with perms & hair dyes, the sooner you will experiment on hair falls, and I’ve responded to many girls (guys now too) under 15 experiencing in hair loss since 2009, due to hair straightening and dyeing their hair. Women 60-90 have those same symptoms but it took them years to get there. But for 15 & under, giving advice here? They can’t predict the future of their hairs, until they’re in their 30’s, but 15 & under with hair loss? C’mon! I’ve responded 7 in 2 hours 9-3-10 alone.

      Hair protectant doesn’t protect hair 100%. Like using sunscreens, you still get sunburned. Same with hair.

      When it does that, it is too late to do anything about it. That’s another reason why the hair industry is a billion dollar business, their main job is to make tons of money and they do not give money back guarantee for damaged hair or hair loss, due to ‘abuse’.

      Google hair dyes & cancer spec. black hair dyes which is made from tar. Some people smoke & tan all their lives and do not get cancer. But there are 2nd hand & 3rd hand smoke who are now carrying their oxygen tank so they can breath or have cancer. Same with hair dyes. I’ve responded 3 in the last 15 mins. 9-26-10. If you’re not affected today, or next month, you may never be affected and you’re one of the lucky ones. It doesn’t take overnight, it takes years of hair experimentation with hair dyes.

      Here’s a new article I found re: henna, which is supposed to be better for you than reg. box dye. It’s a good read!
      http://www. hennaforhair. com/ppd/pjackson. html

      One example on someone who had re-bleached her hair now they’re falling out.

      http://answers. yahoo. com/question/index?qid=20100717233532AAFk6f9&r=w&pa=AptqD2bwHTHc6eiPYKA0tpdDGjt2NBPtjz3M. sEZY. iYLg–&paid=voted

    • Baby Girl. says:

      well that person sure raved on. . . .
      Why doesnt she want you to? is it coz he just doesnt feel like doing it? if so, maybe get a frind to do it then

    • FashionAddict says:

      My Mum would never let me dye my hair, have you tried asking your Mun why she changed her mind. Parents usually have a reason, sometimes the reasons make no sense. . . Good luck trying to convince your Mum!!!

    • Nathan Pennington says:

      Definitely not!

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