• Do you need to dye blonde hair to red before attempting to dye it dark brown/black?

    I have (dyed) blonde hair. I really want to go dark but I am worried about my hair turning green if I just use a normal dark brown or black colour.

    I remember reading somewhere that if you dye hair thats blonde, to a red shade before dyeing it dark brown/black that it will prevent the hair from turning green.
    I am just wondering if anyone has experienced this themselves, and does the red actually prevent the dreaded green?

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    9 thoughts on “Do you need to dye blonde hair to red before attempting to dye it dark brown/black?

    • yeahyeahyeah says:

      it should be fine,, its usually for dark haired people who want to go light that its aproblem, and blonde hair tends to only go green if it’s in contact with chlorine. . .
      hope this helps

      p. s. i wouldnt go red incase it shows up under the dar colour and comes out gingery. . .

    • Evangeline says:


      It’ll look brassy; seriously. You don’t want orangey undertones in brown hair. Most dyes are specifically formulated so that WON’T happen. Never dye your hair more often than it must be dyed. one color at a time. and if it doesn’t work, try “color oops”– a product that can remove color within 11 hours.

    • rb says:

      this site has so much info, tips and guides for dying hair. hope its of some use to you.

    • XcharX says:

      umm i havent done it myself but i remeber talkin about it with my hairdresser once, somethin about puttin in a red filler first. i suggest u go to a salon if your concerened

    • clara says:

      It should be fine I know people that have done this without a problem the problems usually occur if you’re dark haired and want to go lighter. Always use a good quality dye and read and follow the instructions exactly. Usually it will give you some idea on the side of the box if it’s suitable for your hair colour, it’ll show the various shade results expected depending on your normal hair colour. To be on the safe side always do a colour and allergy test on a strand of hair as they suggest in the instructions this will indicate the final shade you should end up with. Of course if in doubt have it done at a salon but of course as I now from experience it is much more expensive, all the best Clara.

    • marg_harborne says:

      people who have answered your question are so obviously inexperienced!!! YES you need to add a red filler before colouring blonde hair dark. the reason for this is when hair is either coloured or bleached blonde you are basically removing the hairs natural undertones (EVERYBODY has red undertones, hence why hair will always go to orange on its way to being blonde) so when you wish to add the dark pigment BACK into the hair then you must first re-add the pigment that was removed. think about it yellow+ brown = muddy green (khaki) right? well that is how you hair wll react but the red filler added will neutralise this so your hair will turn out the shade you actually want it to be. please don’t listen to inexperienced people who have answered your question – they are the ones who will end up with hair problems!!!

    • boppstar says:

      yes it does. . choose a red based brown or black

      I know I have done it many times

    • Queen of the Night says:

      If your hair is naturally blonde, then you DO NOT need to re-pigment (adding red before colouring). That is only necessary if your hair is artificially lightened. As always, however, before a major change of colour, you should do a test strand. If the colour looks too ash based when developed, then go for a warmer tone.

    • cindy p says:

      I am in the process at this very minute doing what you want to accomplish. I have been dying my hair very light blonde for 5 yrs and am now going to dark blonde. I called L’oreal and I had to buy dark blonde preference (its a good deposit color) and lightest auburn. I mixed the dark blonde as normal per the instructions and added half of the bottle of light auburn (color only) to the dark blonde. Apply it over your entire head at the same time. . . wait 25 min and rinse. So far it looks like my hair will be all one color possibly alittle strawyberry blonde mixed with the dark. Thats much better then having 2 tone blonde which I wanted to get rid of. I’ll update when I rinse LOL.

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