• Dark brown hair dye over purple hair dye – will it work?

    I’m about to self-dye my hair purple, permanent. But I reckon after a couple of months I’m going to want my dark brown back. If I dye over purple with a dark brown hair dye, will it work out okay??

    Thanks in advance.

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    6 thoughts on “Dark brown hair dye over purple hair dye – will it work?

    • (Emo) is hot!!! says:


    • Lala L says:

      you wil actually get a really nice brown lol better than ur before 1

    • Summer says:

      i’ve done this before.
      i have naturally dark hair too,
      and i put purple in it. it looked great,
      but you have to bleach it first or die it blonde.
      and then put the purple in, in a few weeks though
      it will turn into a light purple or a dark pink color

    • Amanda J says:

      I would just not reccomend that you self dye your hair purple i am almost certain that you will not be pleased with the results. . an coloring back over the purple will leave you with violet undertones which will affect the color you put back on it if you do not cancel them out with the right tone of color

    • wolfpackhud says:

      sure – might make a ummm. . . well, an interesting color lol

    • Charlotte says:

      Hey, I have been self dying my hair purple for a few months now it looks great! Go for it I get loads of compliments and the colour comes out great. You can buy semi permanent too whc iput over once or twice a month when the colour fades. Not gone back to brown yet but wondering how to cancel out the purple…. good luck !

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