• Can you mix bleach powder with a hair dye?

    I think i heard someone that this will make it lighten more.
    Please could you give me some help!
    please don’t tell me to go to the hairdressers!

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    7 thoughts on “Can you mix bleach powder with a hair dye?

    • Lindsey ♥ {Anti-Fan girl} says:

      No. . . No. . No. . No. . No. . Don’t do it. It won’t lighten. . It’ll probley do something that you don’t want it to do. . .

    • mosher_rule says:

      nooo you will burn your head off

    • meowkittykat20 says:

      Aghhhhhhhhhhhh hair is sooooo precious! dnt do it
      go to the hairdresses!

    • Lozziee-Sophiee Darlinn says:

      I wouldnt Recommend Dying Your Hair With Bleach Powder Trust Me

      It Makes You Blonde Enought So Dont Do It Pls Trust Me

      I Bleached My Hair Last Week mines Praticly White Lol

    • nik says:

      It’s not really recommended as it will be a bit of a lottery what colour you’ll end up with, but yes it will lighten it!

      Remember your hair will only lighten so much, a dark haired person will not be able to achieve blonde highlights without first bleaching their hair! This should be done in 2 seperate stages! So if this is why you are thinking of mixing bleach powder with a hair dye I wouldn’t do it personally.

      Hope this helps?

    • autumn says:

      yes, you can mix bleach powder with dye color. Mix hair color and developer together. And add a little bit of bleach …. color came out better

    • autumn says:

      it is less damage your hair if you add a little bit of bleach to the color and developer … just on process and the color come out very good ….

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