• Can you dye your hair and have highlights put in on the same day?

    I have long brown hair, which I’m hoping to dye a darker shade of brown (as my natural colour seems to be getting lighter and lighter in colour) and then add some highlights in but need some advice on the following issues.

    Can you do both dye and highlights on the same session or do you have to come back for the highlights?

    Does the difference of having a permanent or temp dye going to affect that decision if I can put the highlights in?

    And finally, what highlight colour would suit a long dark brown wavy style as I’ve never had highlights before? I was advised once by a hairdresser to go for a golden highlight colour. . . any ideas anyone?
    I will have it done in a salon, I wouldn’t date to attempt it myself. . . wouldn’t have a clue!

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    9 thoughts on “Can you dye your hair and have highlights put in on the same day?

    • BIG DADDY says:


    • jaybirdladybug says:

      yes. but it will cost loads!

    • angel says:

      Yes you can, it will not matter if it is an hour after you have dyed your hair. But if it does go wrong then go to your hair dresser.

    • ana says:

      Yes but only when its done at the salon. If you do it yourself your hair will be super dry and frizzie.

    • isis says:

      L’Oreal has a 2 part kit that does it. I think it’s about $18 at Walmart.

    • thumbelina_68_1@sbcglobal.net says:

      Yes. Just be careful and don’t over process the hair.

    • nanawnuts says:

      We may be twins! First off, yes you can and should get your highlights done the same day, have them foiled in (they look more natural than pulling the hair through the cap and it’s less painful. ) Second, gold is best for the dark brown, you can also do some in a henna that looks really hot with the gold. You’re going to love highlights! Just be sure to keep them up or you’ll look like trailer trash. Good luck!!!!!

    • ciara xxxx says:

      ya u can i get a semi permenant all over colour and highlights put in d same time it makesx no difference if anythin ur hair will b conditioned as that is wat the all over colours do. id advise golden , honey, bronze or carmel shades two differnt highlights put in at the same time is nice a lighter and slighter darker

    • Lucy A. says:

      Yes, If you go to a really good stylist they can actually put the color in and do the high lights at the same time using foil. Don’t dye your full head of hair and then take some of the color out by highlighting,there is no need for that.

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