• Can i put blonde hair dye on top of brown hair dye?

    About 5 weeks ago i used a semi-permanent hair dye to dye my naturally blonde hair. I liked it for a while but now its fading and looking quite crap, and i want to be bright blonde. Can i just go and buy another blonde hair dye kit and dye my hair again? or do i need to wait for it to all wash out? if i can dye it blonde again how sucessful would it be ontop of this brown?
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    10 thoughts on “Can i put blonde hair dye on top of brown hair dye?

    • Up Against The Wall says:

      if you put blonde on top of brown its not gunna do much. u can either wait because u said u used semi permanent or bleach it or just go to u hair dresser’s and have them do it make cost little more but u wont screw up ur hair and end up hating it lol

      good luck <33

    • Charlotte E says:

      it will probably go ginger and if the brown dye you used had red pigment in it it may go pink, i would say strip your hair ? if you want to be a bright blonde you should use peroxide and bleach powder in foils. hope this helps.

    • princess011 says:

      if i were you, i would go to a salon and have a professional bleach the brown dye out, then use a toner on it to make it the desired blonde color. don’t try it yourself though, because when you’re handling bleach, so many things can go wrong.

    • Nicole M says:

      I’m a hairstylist so I’m pretty sure I can give you the right answer. . . . And that would be NO!!! I would wait until that color is completely out of your hair. If you tried to do that right now your hair color would be a pretty orange blonde color. And color doesn’t left color at all, and then your hair would be a nice uneven color. I honestly suggest that you wait until it is out of your hair and then go to a salon and hair is professionally done!!! Let them know exactly what you want and if their as great as I am they should achieve the look that you want!!

    • hinge1 says:

      it should be ok but do a 48 hr test. you don’t want to go green.
      suggest you use same make and colour

    • ? says:

      It will be a total disaster. First you need to get rid of the other dye. You can either keep washing,or use a PRE- LIFTER FIRST TO STRIP OUT THE DYE,THEN USE A BLONDE TONER OF YOUR COLOUR CHOICE TO GO OVER THAT. [ sorry, capitals was an accident. ]
      Personally if I were you I would leave well alone and go to a professional. You could totally ruin your hair with bleach products unless you know exactly what you are doing.
      Good Luck.

    • angel.dee666 says:

      NO!!! It will go green. If you really can’t afford to get it done professionally, then I suggest you buy a wash in colour that has some red in it. Then you can apply the brown dye.

      If you put the brown on top of the blonde your hair will definitely turn green. I speak from personal experience and believe me it was not a gd look (lol)

      Hope this helps :0)

    • pixiefeet says:

      Hi if you put blonde hair dye onto brown there will be no colour change apart from a few ginger bits, the only way is to bleach it out full with a bleach and then either dye it blonde or if it doesnt go patchy the colour it will be after using the bleach should be a blonde shade and then you can leave it like that. But be careful if all the hair dye hasnt washed out as it can react with it.

      If you are going to use bleach then use Blonde and never use a pre lightener to bleach hair as it wont be strong enought to take,

    • alexaaa. < 3 says:

      you can, but it really won’t do anythig to your hair. it’ll still be brown, just almost a lighter tint of brown.

    • Ribena(: says:

      It probably won’t all wash out completely, semi’s never really do. If you wanna go blonde, depending how dark the brown is, Live xxl do blonde for darker hair. If it’s really dark brown then it won’t work. Try head and shoulders to get rid of the brown.

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